There are so many of these three

Ah, remove Millsap and hofford from the team, Kovar and so on, ah, a series of players. Well, after playing in the back, there’s no big improvement or improvement. Well, now, it’s basically like this. Brandy’s gone. It’s also a wonderful team.

I don’t want to talk about him any more. Anyway, I feel that the thunder team’s help to the thunder team is quite great. It’s also an excellent player. Ah, the contract is a little bigger. I’ve played two or three million. Well, if I can save some money, it’s even better. Besides, weishao’s three double record was interrupted today. I’m sure there will be media comments.

Let’s put it in the front. Before that, some netizens asked us questions. They also saw some posts on Hupu about which is more difficult, such as a few consecutive triple double records or harden’s 30 consecutive records. This is really a tongue twister. There are so many of these three. Er, I answered netizens like this at that time. The public said that the public is reasonable. The old woman said that the old woman is reasonable. Everyone has his own understanding, and the individual has his own idea. I personally think that it’s better to start with a question about which record is more difficult.

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But these players are very easy to use

For example, I don’t know about the draft selection. I haven’t studied it carefully and then looked at it. Anyway, I’m looking at it at the end. Take a look at the comprehensive evaluation. In the comprehensive evaluation, the clippers and the New York Knicks are the eastern and Western teams. The name should be strong.

The shooting team is two teams. Well, let’s talk about today’s bucks. Brother, you see, he’s starting now. After Milo’s promotion, we’ve always said that the American region is a player we admire very much.

That is to say, we appreciate some players. It’s not about how big these players are. How powerful are the big names, and so on, ah, how many of these, um, fans and so on, but these players are very easy to use, very easy to use, it is, er, with very little salary, doing a lot of things, ah, making a great contribution to the team, such as Mirotic. For those players with unique potential, unique features and unique functions, you can take a look at the few players in the league. They are very few. They are rare and valuable. What’s rare and valuable? It’s not that less is valuable, but less is valuable.

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They are eliminated from the team one after another

Ah, warriors, ah, it’s also full of twists and turns. Now you can see that the 76ers are a little tired in the absence of NBA in recent games. No, Peter’s team is really a little bit watery. These teams really can’t fight hard, so I personally think the 76ers.

Ah, from the management level of the management team, it’s wise to know the hero. I have a very clear understanding. With enbid as the core of the fleet and Simmons as the absolute core, I think it’s very correct from the current understanding. I was in the inside line in those years. There are three people in the position of center. I can’t remember the name of okafu Errol or Noel. Well, Peter is injured for two years in a row.

When he comes out for the third year, he will call him again. Right? Okafu also has good data. How many players are also of great cultivation value. They are eliminated from the team one after another, or they are illusory, or they are sold, or what to say. Ah, they have made these transactions in succession. It’s not because of the injury of enbid. It’s not because of the injury in succession. Um, Peter, this is placed outside the naturalized players.

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Play a leading role in leading an era and fashion

According to the analysis, 95% of the reports have come true. When it comes to this season’s nuggets, we have to mention that, about remembering Mr. Yue, Professor Yue said that he had answered a netizen’s question before.

Professor Jin Qile said that. Can you become a typical representative of basketball in the future, an outstanding figure of technical center, and play a leading role in leading an era and fashion? We have made it clear that it is impossible because there are too few such players. Such players are all international players. Ah, few local players in the United States have such ability, because the training mechanism is different. The training of players from childhood is two ways and two plans.

It’s hard to say that the local players in the current league are local. It’s impossible for the center of the United States to have such performance or ability in the interior. If we want to find international players, then international players are very rare in the NBA. How can we cultivate a lot of such players.

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Then how many players can stand on the list

It’s very possible that curry is 31 years old now. In 1988, he was 31 years old, so he was full of money. When he was 35 years old, he would be 35 years old. There are still four seasons. In four seasons, he would take about 300, 350 every season. Isn’t 350 330.

In this way, there will be 330, 1200, and now 2400, there may be 3600, so at least 3600 are very likely. Yes, it’s a very, very long distance to get rid of Ray Allen, but you have to know. Now, why do you want to see, one thing, ah, the three-point thing, the long-range shot thing, started relatively late in the NBA, a few years ago, it was set up right, and then how many players can stand on the list. Now, harden Thompson is catching up.

That’s right. I can responsibly say that the catch-up knowledge of harden Thompson and others is similar to that of Ray Allen and Reggie Miller in the same period of time. Believe it or not, you can go. According to the calculation, there is only a lot more according to the Hadong line.

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It depends on what the two teams think

In the first round of the Raptors series, they are playing and playing. The real competition is still in the following competitions. The four round series of horse racing King pile up the 76ers. This is more beautiful. This is more beautiful. Then, of course, there are two teams.

It’s a direct, competitive relationship. Who will finish the four rounds first and win the four games first, right? There is enough rest. Time is also very important. It depends on what the two teams think. It doesn’t matter if they play as long as five games in their senior year. It’s a problem if they play 67 games. It’s a problem if they have two teams.

The Raptors are very stable. I don’t think the Raptors, the team, can give opponents a lot of opportunities. The 76ers, looking for wolf king, basketball net Russell. I personally think you should, um, have a good experience of the playoffs, right? This year’s first year of playing the playoffs, have a good experience of this kind of feeling. Just make an appointment. It’s about the same feeling as that of harden, right? He didn’t play very well, and he fell into the angle of fighting alone in the playoffs without the help of the players. It’s very miserable. Let’s see how Russell got out of trouble. OK, let’s talk about the Raptors briefly.

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This game is exactly the same as what we said

We said in the previous program, ah, even if the Clippers overturn, the warriors will take the lead in the first round, which does not mean that the Clippers are better than the warriors. That’s impossible, right? Well, let’s talk about the second game, which I just saw. It’s 99-99. I hope you don’t hit me in the face. White is still standing on the free throw line again. The Nuggets kneel down and hum.

This game is exactly the same as what we said, right? Don’t watch the Spurs hit the seventh position. The first half of the game is the best. Maybe we say, the most likely and most worried is that two teams, one team is the Nuggets team, the other team is the Blazers team. These two teams are thunderous.

Let’s put the Blazers in other places first. Ah, I’ll put them aside and finish the game tomorrow. The previous program also explained, let’s talk about the Blazers, let’s talk about the game between the Nuggets and the Spurs. What team does the Spurs fear? What is a neurotic team? As explained in the front, it’s not like playing with you or playing cards with you according to common sense. It’s a matter of superstars. Who has more stars and strong personal ability? This kind of neurotic team includes Kobe and thunder.

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If we discuss it according to the context correctly and clearly

I think that self-interest has been announced so far that the cruciate ligament is torn. Well, in fact, we say that this thing needs to be discussed separately. Well, it’s really a very complicated stage. Er, it involves the problem of contract, the problem of injury, the problem of contract is very complicated, very complicated, but we should pay attention to it. Yes, clear mind, ah, put this context in.

If we discuss it according to the context correctly and clearly, you will find it very simple. Compared with Durant’s Achilles tendon rupture and cruciate ligament tear, it is also a comparison. Trouble, yes, this injury is much better for Durant than Durant. Durant’s Achilles tendon rupture is a serious injury in a serious injury.

It’s more serious than a fracture. Ah, fracture. See where the ancient town is, the sentient beings in the sentient beings, the cruciate ligament of the knee. A little bit better, a little bit better, but it’s also easy to repeat, and it’s also easy to happen. Well, the risk of secondary injury is also great, so now the warriors are playing against Thomson and Durant.

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To avoid the warriors in the next few years to see the situation is not good

The loss caused by force will not be cashed from the pocket of the fans. Ah, if you are really Durant’s fans and love Durant, then you can buy Durant’s jerseys now. You can buy a hundred and eight pieces to support Durant. Don’t shout slogans everywhere all day long.

Well, I will, so Durant not only lost more than 40 million teams, but also lost a lot of business activities. They can’t participate in business activities, they have to postpone shooting. If the business can understand, it’s OK. If it can’t, it’s OK to ask you to make some claims. The issue of contract renewal is quite complicated. Durant, in my opinion, has a little advantage in this period of time, at least the advantage of public opinion. Most fans, the overwhelming majority of fans, the media and so on are all on Durant’s side.

They can renew their contracts for the next five years. Ah, we still need to grasp some privileges to avoid the warriors in the next few years to see the situation is not good, ah, you as a bargaining chip, thrown to a team you do not want to go, then for Durant, it is worse. Good, this program is here, I hope to enjoy.

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Because there are so many dimensions to judge

This historical ranking is really a topic of benevolence and wisdom, because we really judge many dimensions, and the importance is also very difficult to say, including the number of championship trophies, the number of finals MVP and the regular season MVP awards.

He and all kinds of other awards and honors, so I think from the point of view of the degree of peak and the accumulation of honor, James has definitely surpassed his predecessors to become the first person in history. His peak period is too long, and the ability of this peak is too terrible.

I think it’s a pity for James that he hasn’t won three consecutive titles like Jordan, so he may lose a little bit to Jordan on my side, but in other aspects, I think it’s really unusual.

But from another point of view, although he didn’t have three consecutive titles, such feats and such a perfect final report card of six wins and zero losses, he had entered the finals for eight consecutive years before, and now he has entered the finals for ten times. In fact, he basically has three to four, four to five for ten times.

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