Why are there so many people who don’t like James in China?

First of all, I think there are two kinds of people who hate James: 1. I hate people who hate James seriously, but there are not so many. 2. It’s also a kind of people who have more to do with Jamie. Here are some people who don’t want to take the seat. First, many people may not be used to the performance of mousse’s court. I think this person is dirty and hypocritical It’s true that James doesn’t play so clean sometimes, but he is also similar to green Pachulia of warriors. Many people don’t like James to say that he hates him very much. Let’s talk about the second point. Why do we say it depends on his fans? To make a digression, I don’t think there’s any difference between fans of mousse and fans of fanquan. For example, before XZ cxk, why do many people hate them because of their crazy fans? If you say a little truth or bad, you can scold you. Can you have a good feeling for them? Can’t you feel sick?

The same is true for mousse. Most of the basketball players are boys. Some of them are straight men who lack good brains. They laugh at girls in the rice circle. NC is the same as RZ, but they don’t see that they are the same from another angle. I’ll give you a few examples. After the finals in 2016, James said he was good. His fans would say that James surpassed Jordan It’s history first, but it’s obvious that everyone agrees that Jordan is a God. You have to say that James is better than him, and don’t let anyone contradict you. Say a few words, the brave man played the Cavaliers in the black finals, defended James, cut the ball and hit him. The referee didn’t say it was a missed judgment. Then they started to attack and say that the brave man didn’t want to face, but the referee didn’t say it even if James was the first judge That’s not even. They’re selectively blind. They have to say that you bribe the referee to be unreasonable. There’s nothing to say. It’s totally unreasonable. Green kicks the egg warrior and his fans have been blacked out for several years. James kicks the egg. It’s not intentional. It’s on the public screen

Can water transfer be used on fabrics?

Transfer printing refers to the printing method of transferring the image and text on the central carrier film to the substrate with corresponding pressure. According to the different selection pressure, transfer can be divided into: heat transfer, water transfer, air transfer, screen transfer, low temperature transfer, etc.

1、 Heat transfer printing skills

Heat transfer printing is a kind of skill to print the zebra picture of ink layer on the product data by heating and pressurizing. Even for multi-color pictures, since the transfer operation is only one process, customers can shorten the printing operation and reduce the loss of information (products) caused by printing errors. By using heat transfer film printing, multi-color pictures can be drawn at one time, without chromatic registration, and simple equipment can also print vivid pictures.

The heat transfer printing equipment is used to decorate aluminum shaped materials and all kinds of metal plates, which can play the role of wood products or marble. The heat transfer equipment is based on the principle of heat sublimation. It can transfer the required wood grain or marble grain to the surface of aluminum powder coating in 3-5 minutes and can penetrate 40-60 microns inside the coating. Aluminum transfer production process: one is to use the film machine to cut the heat transfer film. The other is to weld the cut transfer film with the transfer ultrasonic packaging machine to the workpiece package bag according to the size of the workpiece. Third, in the packaging channel, we use the transfer film to wrap the workpiece bag. The fourth is to place the work piece wrapped with transfer film on the channel of the car of the heat transfer machine. 18 pieces of aluminum can be placed in sequence. Connect the two ends of the aluminum to the vacuum tap and lock it. Open the vacuum switch. At this moment, the transfer film is tightly attached to the aluminum. The car takes the initiative to send the aluminum materials to the baking furnace, the baking furnace takes the initiative to raise the temperature by 220 degrees and keep the temperature for 3 minutes, and the car takes the initiative to exit the baking furnace. 5. Loosen the vacuum tap and take down the workpiece.

Damian Lillard

Many people say that Lillard is like a cold-blooded killer. He always appears at the critical moment, seizing the victory with precise and elegant assassination art, which is unexpected and reasonable.

Like killing thunder this time, which normal person will deliberately cast the lowest three points of success rate at such a long distance under the condition that only one point can kill thunder?

Even Stephen Curie, the most powerful shooter in the NBA, won’t do this. In 2016, Curie won the thunderbolt goal in half-time because he didn’t have enough time. He shot while running, but Lillard’s goal obviously had plenty of time to break through the inner line and play a tactic.

But Lillard didn’t do it, he said. That’s what I wanted to do. It’s just a small idea to return what it is after you finish. You really haven’t seen the world’s outstanding expression.

What others don’t know is that, like this kind of ball, Lillard has been under the big tree when he was a child, and when he was 7 years old, he didn’t know how many times he had thrown it.

We put the pointer back to 1997. Little Lillard was very dissatisfied with the difficulty of putting the ball into the branch basket. He started to stand far away and start to think of someone defending and fierce confrontation. He threw the ball into the tree frame with various difficult actions.

Such days are repeated day by day. After the tree was cut down, grandfather also made one basket for him by hanging it on the wire bar with a crate, and let Lillard continue his hard training. These days, it is extremely precious for Lillard, and he is full of love for basketball.

Get rid of hockey simply

EZ ice hockey instructors analyze and summarize that ice hockey as we know it is not a simple sport for a long time. The reason why this great sport can have a hundred years of history and profound background is because of its own cultural background and inclusiveness. Ice hockey training is not only the physical resistance of small players, but also the internal construction of themselves. Let children through ice hockey to develop and have a deeper understanding of things and the ability to judge the development of things.

A number of studies have shown that physical conditions cannot completely determine the ability of an ice hockey player. The comprehensive ability of intelligence, physical strength, flexibility, judgment and reading competition is the standard to evaluate an excellent athlete. From this point of view, China’s small players themselves have innate advantages in ice hockey, and the body of Asians is also light and flexible.

Asian children’s intelligence and analytical ability are absolutely superior to the vast majority of foreign children in the world. Therefore, on the road of ice hockey, Asian ice hockey players should find their own advantages, find their own game role, and through continuous efforts of training and competition, Asian ice hockey players will surely create their own miracle on the road of ice hockey!

No logic, no empathy in advertising

Only when users compare multiple brands, rational decision-making can appear. However, because there is no single variable between two brand products, complete rational decision-making does not exist.

The function of advertisement is communication and persuasion. The skill is that if your product does not have overwhelming product highlights or performance advantages, the main way of advertisement should be to find resonance, and its logicality should be second to none.

I have always had a point of view that good advertising or copywriting, in fact, can’t stand logical scrutiny. An excellent advertising creative personnel, must learn to get rid of the shackles of logic, learn a bit of flying in the sky. Because the important creative method is analogy, but if you can really analogize something of a product from a rational point of view, only it itself, then your advertisement will become a manual.

Let’s see how Mao Zedong persuaded the workers to take part in the movement in his lectures. He said that the word “work” of workers means that the top horizontal line represents heaven, the bottom horizontal line represents land, and the middle vertical line is workers connecting heaven and earth Although I haven’t studied the evolution of this Chinese character, it’s obvious that it’s divine logic. Later, he said that the word “worker” overlapped up and down is the word “heaven”, implying that the workers unite and have great power Although there is no logical preciseness, it is an excellent way to persuade and promote, because it can get the audience’s approval in emotion.

What are the aspects of James’s court dominance?

One of James’s overlooked abilities is to suppress his opponents’ stars. The specific embodiment is the team that wins the finals against James, and the star who is in charge of the game has a great probability of not getting fmvp. 1. In 2007, the pistons were sent off with two players in the sixth game, and James led the team to meet the Spurs in the finals. After four games, Duncan was the first in the team except scoring, other rebounds, assists, steals and blocking. Under Duncan’s inside defense, young James still produced 35.6% shooting percentage, which is very rare. The final fmvp winner is Parker. Duncan looks down at his shoes. Thinking that Parker scored first in the team, it’s natural to get the fmvp, right? In 2011, Nowitzki got the fmvp with a 41.7% shooting rate. Of course, he had the highest score in the team. The previous law seems to have continued.

Suppressing the total score 1:13, 2014 is the strongest year in James’ finals career. In that year, he hit 57.1%, 51.9% of the three-point shooting rate, and 2.8 three-point shots per game. What a beautiful data. Countless famous three-point stars can’t reach such a hit rate. However, the one who got the fmvp was Leonard who was not the first in scoring, rebounding, assists and steals. On the contrary, his number of fouls per game was far ahead of the Spurs by 4.4 times, and the others were only 3.2 at the highest. In the fifth game, the Spurs beat the heat by 17 points to finish the series

NFL XFL is completely suspended and almost all employees are fired

On February 8, 020, the XFL League began a new season and has played five games. But novel coronavirus pneumonia spread in the United States. XFL cancelled the 2020 season in March and promised to return in 2021. In an internal meeting of XFL on Friday, XFL’s coo, Jeffery Pollack, made the decision to know all the employees. According to ESPN, XFL CEO Oliver luck did not appear at the meeting. ESPN speculates that luck is likely to have left at this time.

The investor behind the XFL Football League is Vince McMahon, the founder of WWE. McMahon sold $100 million of WWE shares in December 2017, invested in the establishment of alpha entertainment company, and restarted the XFL which failed due to poor operation in 2001. According to McMahon’s public statement at the time, he invested $500 million in XFL events.

How to evaluate the game between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants on November 15, 2015?

At that time, I didn’t dare to watch it. There were six minutes left in the game. The time for running and passing was gone. I dare not say “luck” when I shoot in front of giant. Nemesis is nemesis. I started to prepare for myself. If I lose, I will lose. Bengals may not capsize in the gutter. There is still hope for Meilian No.1 seed. But the giant seems to be very confident, spreading all the way. The attack coach is playing basketball? When the saints left us a minute and 13 seconds, we arrived. Don’t think that if you are the conqueror, we won’t dare to transmit. So the giant was blocked outside the terminal area and only kicked FG. In fact, I think it’s stable. The league’s first QB plus the first kicker, with a gap of 2 points, there is still some confidence. To sum up: 1. Edelman is injured, but it’s good to be back before the playoffs. We need you Jules! 2. The short boards of the corner guards and attack front lines are exposed. The front line couldn’t open the road for Blount, and Brady also ate several big sacks. Next week’s injury to the front will improve a little bit, if according to the level of this game, the playoffs are empty. 3. Eli did well. The attack coach didn’t understand time management, and he couldn’t help it. 4. The giant coach really has a good way to deal with me. He doesn’t want to see them in the playoffs. No matter who they are, please kill them. Thank you!

Principle of sublimation transfer printing

The sublimation process generally goes through three processes: before the transfer process, all dyes are in the printing film on the paper, the dye concentration in the printed fabric and air gap is zero, and the size of the air gap depends on the fabric structure, yarn count and transfer pressure; during the transfer process, when the paper reaches the transfer temperature, the dyes start to volatilize or sublimate, and form the concentration volatilization between the paper and the fiber, When the transfer temperature of the printed fabric reaches, dye adsorption begins on the fiber surface until it reaches a certain saturation value. Because the transfer of dye from paper to fiber is continuous, the adsorption rate depends on the diffusion rate of dye into the fiber. In order to make the dye diffused directionally, it is often vacuumized on the lower side of the substrate of the dye to make the dye transfer directionally; after the transfer process, the dye content on the paper decreases, and some of the remaining dyes migrate to the inside of the paper. The amount of the remaining dyes depends on the vapor pressure of the dye, the affinity of the dye to the size or transfer paper and the thickness of the printing film. Generally, sublimation method does not need to go through wet treatment, which can save energy and reduce the load of sewage treatment.

Transfer printing is not only suitable for synthetic fiber fabrics, but also for natural fiber pure and blended fabrics. It has the following advantages:

No water, no sewage;

The process flow is short, and the finished product is after printing, without post-processing such as steaming and washing;

It has fine patterns, rich and clear layers, high artistry, strong sense of three-dimensional, which is inferior to that of general printing methods, and can print patterns of photography and painting styles;

In the sublimation process, the tar in the dye is left on the transfer paper, which will not pollute the fabric;

It has a high rate of authentic products. When transferring, it can print multiple color patterns at one time without facing flowers;

Flexibility, customers can select patterns in a short time after printing.

What kinds of T-shirt printing do you recognize?

T-shirt style is very limited, it can be said that the design gives its value. Different printing processes can make T-shirt present different styles, such as simple style, fashion style, fashion style, funny style, retro style, etc. At the same time, different printing processes can also show different pattern States, which can be three-dimensional, abstract and virtual. So what are the common T-shirt printing processes?

  1. Screen printing is the most widely used T-shirt printing process. 90% of the T-shirts we usually buy on the market are made by screen printing technology;

Features: strong coloring, durable and washable, but special plate making is needed, a small amount of printing costs are high, which is suitable for clothes of various colors and fabrics. It is recommended to choose this process for mass printing, which will be more cost-effective.

  1. Digital direct printing is a new technology, which can not only print on a large scale, but also print accurately and uniformly.

Features: it has the advantages of color fastness, air permeability, no peculiar smell, non-toxic, etc., and has bright colors, delicate layers, lifelike designs and strong artistic sense. It is suitable for all kinds of fabrics and all kinds of colors without limitation. The disadvantages are the sense of glue, poor air permeability and high price.

  1. Heat transfer printing can be said to be a supplement to screen printing. Because many too complex patterns cannot be completed through screen printing, heat transfer printing is available. Features: it has the advantages of lifelike printing patterns and fast and convenient colors. The disadvantages are that some light color patterns are not clear enough, and the places where the pictures are printed do not have air permeability. It is suitable for printing clothes made of white odel fabric and quick dry fabric. The T-shirts made by heat transfer are generally suitable for making a large number of disposable cultural t-shirts for collective activities.