Because there are so many dimensions to judge

This historical ranking is really a topic of benevolence and wisdom, because we really judge many dimensions, and the importance is also very difficult to say, including the number of championship trophies, the number of finals MVP and the regular season MVP awards.

He and all kinds of other awards and honors, so I think from the point of view of the degree of peak and the accumulation of honor, James has definitely surpassed his predecessors to become the first person in history. His peak period is too long, and the ability of this peak is too terrible.

I think it’s a pity for James that he hasn’t won three consecutive titles like Jordan, so he may lose a little bit to Jordan on my side, but in other aspects, I think it’s really unusual.

But from another point of view, although he didn’t have three consecutive titles, such feats and such a perfect final report card of six wins and zero losses, he had entered the finals for eight consecutive years before, and now he has entered the finals for ten times. In fact, he basically has three to four, four to five for ten times.

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Five playoffs in a row

Five consecutive seasons into the playoffs, this is not particularly proud, but I think a very important point is that his five seasons are basically five systems, can be said to be five different teams, 1516 season is Durant’s last season in the thunder, and then this season after the Western Conference finals is also very famous with the warriors, the airport almost took the 73 win warriors.

After that, the 1617 season was Durant’s long-term success, the MVP season of Westbrook, and the helper was actually oradipo. Later, 7718927 was replaced by pickled peppers. In fact, 11718189 was basically the double core season of pickled peppers and weishao.

In the 1920 season, the lineup was shocked. In fact, before the start of the season, no one was optimistic about the thunder team. All three of us thought that the thunder team might be in a state of reconstruction, and Paul might also be a role to be sold.

But I didn’t expect to enter the playoffs, and in the case of not being optimistic, the Rockets played back and forth, but also fought seven games, almost defeated. In fact, from this point of view, the Rockets, indeed, Donovan, as a coach, can not only cultivate young people as you said, but also in such a changeable situation, in which the personnel are changing You can use the chips on your hand.

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Rockets now also have all kinds of news

Zheng Du is a prediction that has stepped on his feet. Now it seems that to some extent, object amu, what did you say at that time was that deterrence might be possible in the next season or in the middle of the season, ah, there was no ball to play. Now it seems that Wei Shao’s situation is really very embarrassing, although after a year, it is not like what Eminem said.

But there is no ball to play, but there is no ball to play, because it stopped before, right? The whole film has no ball to play. But now the team is in a very bad state after playing the playoffs. Now there is a conflict in the dressing room, and both of them have to leave, which is worse than the situation of no ball to play. Yes, Wei Shao is the first one.

You put forward that you want to go, and the Rockets now have all kinds of news, ah, they want to trade, Wei Shao now has three potential buyers, there were three before, there may be only two now, the first is the first to release the beneficial Hornets to weishao, because the Hornets team selected the three ball old plum radish at the mass meeting.

Now, they certainly don’t need to be around, and ah, this deal may have been said to be the closest at that time. At that time, the Hornets said to the rockets that I would have to see my final choice in the draft convention. If I could pick the ball, it would be the ball power. If I could get the ball, it would be the ball power, because everyone thought at that time.

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One of the chips mentioned is, wubulei

Another chip in the same deal is that Wu Bray was also sold by thunder and Rick. That is, at the same time, we sent out twitter in the process. Golden State Warriors just suffered a fatal blow because of their All-Star guard Cray Thompson.

In yesterday’s training match, ah Achilles tendon was injured. Today’s MRI showed that he was unfortunately torn Achilles tendon. This season’s reimbursement was made. At this very difficult moment, the warriors took advantage of their special deal due to clay’s injury with their draft signing for next year.

In exchange, the witch, who has just been traded to thunder, came to this deal. Some people in the knight Warriors team said that it was really a timely help. I think this deal, Ken, must be out of the warrior’s plan. Without clay’s injury, the warrior would not have this salary gap. At the same time, there should be no transaction without mine.

First of all, let’s not talk about the deal itself. Ah, I think for the warriors, it’s really, in the past year and a half, it’s really, can be said to be a constant blow. First of all, Durant was injured in the 19 years of playoffs, Durant was injured again in the finals, and restraint is clay’s cruciate ligament.

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It’s not likely to go to the Lakers

But if it’s not, you’ll go back to the warriors when you meet the number three. It won’t be so bad next year because Russell has passed after all, and he didn’t join the World War II buyer and Mike Beasley, so it’s impossible to say that the year will be the third in the League. So there are more mobile phone numbers and Venice itself 。

This, um, the salary inside is a little higher. It’s strange that the letter brother doesn’t think about Beijing, but when he can sign it, he doesn’t have such a strong plate. So, I think it’s quite matched. Some people asked me if the salary will be higher after the letters are all over. In the past, it should not be more than that. For example, this summer’s exchange did not get the total amount this year champion.

Well, today’s education and education or the medium-term education company will not surpass it. But if it goes again, it will surpass it. At that time, he will have to find ways, such as putting green on it or something. After all, I’m sure I’m better than green in playing alphabet song. So I’ll find another way later, but there won’t be any problems in the transaction. This is what I’m doing to him Because I discussed it with you yesterday.

At that time, I still thought that this character was not very likely to go to the Lakers, because if you made it to the finals this year, you would have lost the chance to go to the Lakers. But if you said that the Lakers would not make it to the finals, we didn’t like to ignore them. You don’t think you know that we want the living people to take over the role. So this is a comparison The paradox is that the Lakers have accumulated virtue.

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James completed the first time in his playoff career

James has completed his first and eleventh playoff career, sweeping past Tim Duncan to become the best of seven game series. In the best of seven series, James has swept the most players. In addition, he has surpassed Karim Abu apdujabbar’s notes in terms of total scores.

Once upon a time, Michael Jordan showed the charm of basketball and the height that a top player could reach. His 72-10 record in the regular season and 5987 points in the playoffs were regarded as two insurmountable mountains.

Stephen curry and his Golden State Warriors won 73-9 last season, and then James destroyed the team with the best record in history. Then, James began to catch up with Jordan’s total score in the playoffs. He is the only player in active service who has a chance to score 6000 points in the playoffs. At present, he is only 200 points away from Jordan In the playoffs, I scored the second most.

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There are many famous point guards in NBA

There are many famous point guards in the NBA. The captain in that place has been pulled to add toughness and competitive consciousness. Li La, who grew up here, has different feelings for this city than others. Growing up there, he grows up with other places.

Different basketball is our way out. Therefore, many point guards from Auckland are so successful. Here, almost every street is recited, conveying the great achievements of those legendary guards. The historical legendary guards Gary Payton and Jason are the legendary guards.

Both of them were born to be MVP winners for two consecutive times. Steve Nash finished his college course here. Lillard was an iron fan and a hard core fan at that time. He grew up listening to the stories of his predecessors. He was the son of the wind who moved him most. Nashillard once said when asked if he had any special point guard or role model in his heart.

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The experienced spurs can’t miss this loophole

For Grizzlies, who are not very good at chasing points, this is a big game. When both feet break out at the same time, grizzlies really can’t resist. In the follow-up notes, the flank that will run is even more demanded by Leonard.

It can be said that it is unfair for Carter, who is nearly 40 years old, to face Leonard at the MVP candidate level. However, what can be done? The experienced spurs can’t let go of this loophole. They should be careful to fight with the card demon monkey and downstairs.

When we have decided to meet in this round of series, we will know that it will be a series full of laughter and muscle collision. Although the Grizzlies have clearly put forward the idea this season, the Spurs’ top card has officially become Leonard, the third place, but none of this can affect the direct competition between the two teams.

The penalty scale has indeed affected the happiness of the second game. Leonard’s 19 point weight reflected Randolph, while Randolph made 18 shots but failed to stand on the free throw line. Paster was directly annoyed at that time.

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Parker didn’t seem to have nothing to do with his defense

In 2001, Parker Kota received the news from Buford and came to the Spurs’ summer training camp. In this way, Pak Popovich, who Popovich had seen, asked Parker to fight with scouts, Lance Blanc, who was also a retired NBA player.

Shrugging his shoulders, Parker didn’t seem to have nothing to do with his defense. Popovich, looking at the end of the matter in 10 minutes, felt that Parker was soft, but it was just a tempting but another one.

It’s just another skinny guy. He plans to send Parker back to Europe. It’s not clear to Popovich. Parker, who just flew from France, is tired and out of shape. Fortunately, he doesn’t give up. He also takes his eyes and believes in him.

Step by step, Sam Perez, who was an intern at the Spurs management, cut out a park film to show Parker’s best side. This cut-out pres left the Spurs many years later to become Oklahoma and the Oklahoma thunder team’s general manager, which was rejected by lippovich.

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Although he didn’t make the MVP in the finals

You will be cut into pieces by it. Curry’s performance has brought him and his team a lot of fans. He is a pitcher, but not just a pitcher. Curie has chosen to create a new era as an athlete.

It depends on the situation, any angle, any reasonable distance to put the ball into the basket, there is no such in the history of NBA. An Indian athlete’s template, he once won the 2015 finals, although she did not become the finals MVP.

These don’t know why the warriors can win the championship. Curry’s story tells us that when you do something, you don’t need to ask yourself to be omnipotent. You can still become the leader of a championship level team, but he lost in the finals of last season. Some people say that this is the strength is not good.

Some people say that this is about the league’s dark screen, some say that this is because of Kelly Owen’s extraordinary play, some people say that curry is injured and in poor physical condition, but in a word, he lost the championship and always let you learn something.

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