Creative Sales Team Names for Competitions & Team Building

Need a clever or funny name for your sales team competition or work team-building event? We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites just for you. Pick one for your team and be sure to check out our fun & easy to use design lab to create polo shirts or cheap t-shirts for your team.

CustomInk makes it fun and easy to customize almost anything you need from custom golf shirts to custom post-it notes.

Funny & Creative Sales Team Names

One Team One Mission

S is for Swagger

Keep Calm & Sell On

Never Fail

Two Thumbs Up!

Prospect Persuaders

The Mavericks

Out of the Box Insights

Service First, Sales Second

Think Tank Exchange

Mission: Possible

The People Persons

$ $ Bills Ya’ll

Bringin’ the Sales Bringin’ the Funk

Fearless Leaders

Team ABC (Always Be Closing)

No is Not a 4-Letter Word

Where did T-shirt’s Come From?

We may not see T-shirts in the Haute Couture runways, but we all wear them. Boy, girl; black, white; gay, straight; you, me and everyone in between – except, maybe, the Pope. Very few items of clothing are as versatile. One can dress them up and dress them down and if you pick the right size it will always look good on you.

This tube of fabric has become an essential garment in everyday life, but how did it get into our drawers? Have you ever wondered what’s the T-shirt’s story? Today I’ll try to shed some light on the past of this practical item.

The T-shirt’s ancestor can be traced back to the 19th century. Created in the US, it was a full body suit that was unfortunately named “Union Suit” – think of it as a scuba diver’s attire made out of cotton. Women were the first ones to wear the one-piece as underwear, then men quickly adopted it too.

As you can imagine, wearing a full-body piece underneath clothes is not overly comfortable so, unsurprisingly, someone at some point finally said “enough” and cut the garment in half, giving birth to the T-shirt we know and love today.

Thanks to the fact that they were cheap and easy to clean they became popular quickly. The first people to wear the T-shirt on the outside were farmers, construction workers and soldiers – people who had to do hard labour in the open field. Since the social norm required them to cover their torsos, the T-shirt seemed like a good compromise because it allowed them to stay fresh and “proper” at the same time.

Still, it didn’t really reach the general public until Marlon Brandon showcased his acting skills (and biceps) wearing a tight white T-shirt in the movie A Streetcar Named Desire. It took the power of Hollywood to make the world turn around and realise the potential the T-shirt had as an outerwear garment. The rest is history.

Every decade has had their own rendition of the T-shirt ever since. In the 60s the potential they had as canvases for cartoon characters, brands and whichever other element a marketing genius might come up with was discovered.

During the 70s fluorescent colours and dyes were all the rage (we’re still recovering from that one). And during the 80s a TV Show called Miami Vice taught us that a plain T-shirt could look dashing if you pair it up with an Armani suit.

In the 90s and the 00s, printing techniques like screen printing and direct to garment printing (DTG) have evolved non-stop, giving designers and the public in general an infinite number of possibilities to express themselves.

If you want to read my articles on the history of screen printing and DTG you can do so here and here.

So where will the future take us? There have long been talks about T-shirts used as screens and fabrics that can read our body stats. Only time will tell, but in the mean time, let’s speculate: what do you think the T-Shirt of the future will look like?

T-shirt Printing and Design Inspiration – Movie T-shirts

For our third edition of #TshirtTuesday, we thought we would take inspiration from some of the great movies of our time. Taking a look back at some of the most famous pictures to hit America’s TV screens.

Now, I’m sure this list of awesome T-shirts will not be able to please all you movie lovers out there, but for one reason or another, these movies and the cool T-shirt designs to go with them, deserve to be on a list of all time greats.

We have everything from a mentally unstable Robert De Niro in the 1976 cult classic Taxi Driver, to the weird and wonderful genius of Johnny Depp as he embarks on a psychedelic drug fuelled trip to Las Vegas. Then we have a few of the finest works from Tarantino, followed by a failed chemistry genius who decides to break bad, a goofy teenager and his grandma’s pet llama, and then of course, the all too familiar antics of a certain unemployed 60′s refugee and his bowling buddies, who set out to seek compensation for their friends stolen rug.

Creating this list involved some seriously strenuous decision making, but here are just a selection of some seriously cool T-shirts and I’m sure you will be dying to pull them on by the time you reach the end of this post.

These T-shirts come in various designs and use a variety of printing styles and techniques, but all are inspired by this week’s #TshirtTuesday theme: American TV and movie cult classics.

How to Upsell with Can Coolers

Can coolers are a great way to offer your customers more promotional options. The average price of a can cooler when bought in a pack of 100 is $0.47, and you can find them as low as $0.30 each for a set of 100. The small size of the can cooler means that youre you looking for an inexpensive way to upsell your transfers or vinyl for the job will also be inexpensive.

Custom can coolers sell on Etsy for around $5 each meaning your profit margin is higher than expected.

Most shops are already taking on sports uniforms or spirit wear, so why not offer those same teams and fans matching can coolers to hold their drinks this summer? But don’t stop at teams! Do you have family reunions, golf outings, or any other events that you are making shirts for? Annual summer event customers make the perfect customers to offer can coolers too. They’relooking for a way for the attendees to remember the event, and what better way than a shirt and a can cooler? Reach out to your local golf courses, event centers, etc. and let them know that you can help them offer new products to their customers. They may even want some can coolers with their company logo on them. Have you attended a wedding lately or been on Pinterest? If so, you’ve probably seen custom can coolers with the couple’s name or monogram. Reach out to your local wedding vendors, join a Facebook wedding group, or even market these custom can coolers on Etsy.

To make your can cooler printing even easier, Imprintables carries the Hotronix Can Cooler Platen which allows you to print up to 8 can coolers at once. The platen allows you to thread the can coolers which guarantees an even pressure throughout. The platen also makes it easier to make sure the can cooler stays in place and your design is straight.  Make sure to take a moment to watch the video below where Brandy shows you how easy it is to make can coolers for your customers by using the Can Cooler Platen by Hotronix.