German Tourism: in addition to Berlin and Neuschwanstein Castle, these 10 tourist destinations are like oil paintings

Many tourists mentioned that Germany usually thought of the world city of Berlin and Neuschwanstein Castle. But between the East and the coast of the North Sea and the Alps, and even in the eyes of the locals, there is more to see. Especially those small cities and villages make Germany have their own charm. Whether it’s a medieval wooden Gallery, charming alleys, colorful fishing boats, or beautiful scenery, you can see 10 places worth visiting.

  1. Westmar, Fort Mecklenburg. The famous city of westmar is located in Simena, Fort Mecklenburg. It is listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. In the coastal towns of the 16th and 17th centuries, many colorful houses still bear witness to the rule of Sweden. The atmosphere of the comic book also attracted many directors.
  1. Golitz, Saxony, golitz is not only the most eastern city in Germany, but also one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. The village is directly on the Polish border and connects to the sister town of zigor zelek through several bridges across the Nile. These pink houses and their elaborately decorated facades and ancient churches, like St. Peter and Paul, miraculously survived World War II. Of course, golitz has been seen in Hollywood films during or before the war, such as operation Valkyrie and Budapest hotel.

Oil painting discussing Divine Comedy with Dante

Discussing Divine Comedy with Dante is a huge painting. The oil painting is six meters long and 2.six meters high, with one hundred world celebrities and cultural landmarks such as the Great Wall, Pyramid and Stonehenge. The authors of “discussing Divine Comedy with Dante” are Dai Dudu, vice president of Liaoning Academy of painting, Li tiezi, director of China Artists Association and vice president of Liaoning Academy of painting, and Zhang Anjun, chairman of Shenyang Young Artists Association, Liaoning Province.

According to the report of Liaoning beetle magazine, when the author chooses the people in the painting, he refers to many materials, which not only have a profound influence in politics, literature and art, science and sports, but also have an outstanding image. Therefore, although Jesus and Sakyamuni have a significant impact on human beings, they are still rejected.

The three painters Dai Dudu, Li tiezi and Zhang Anjun have become good friends for their works, which have won many awards. It is reported that the inspiration for the creation of this work came from a chat. They want to draw a work that can accommodate the world and the history, while still life is not enough to express the history. Only the figures can express it. Shenqu is also a romantic and solemn masterpiece that cares for human beings, so it is named after it.

When painting, the canvas occupies one of the walls of the studio. Their one-year creation of “discussing Divine Comedy with Dante” is undoubtedly a historic breakthrough in the history of Chinese art. The works created a sensation in the field of Chinese beauty and shocked the world. The fertile soil of Guandong nourishes the three painters who were born and grew up in Si. Many of their works, such as “good morning to the great ship” and “Chinese story”, were exhibited at home and abroad and won gold, silver and bronze awards and high praise.

In order to find the creative form of “discussing the Divine Comedy with Dante”, the three men repeatedly studied the painting styles with strong characteristics, such as Rembrandt, Holbein, Baba and Froebel. The characters in the painting have strong personalities. The characters’ modeling features, action features and expression features are all vivid, with distinct and strong personalities. Analysts pointed out that the creator of the painting may have been inspired by Raphael’s famous work the school of Athens. But in Raphael’s famous paintings, the characters are all ancient philosophers. Although the figures in this painting are all famous people in the world, there is no difference between modern and ancient.

According to British artist Alastair Shuk, this painting reflects the tendency of contemporary Chinese artists to adapt to western artistic styles and themes. But Dante leads us to see the deep hell of the underworld, which leads modern people to appreciate the celebrity paradise.

MLB – first round stormy 7-point sportsman 12-3 victory Ranger stable foreign card

On September 22, Oakland sportsmen continued to face the challenge of Texas Rangers in the same area at home. Before the game, the sportsman ranked first in the United States foreign card with 1.5 victories, followed by ray of light and Indians. The initiative of the playoffs is in his own hands. In this game, the sportsman showed the momentum of going into the playoffs at the beginning of the game. He bombed the opponent in a furious attack state, and scored 9 points in the first two innings. After that, the game was very easy, and finally the Rangers lost 3-12 to the sportsmen.

The average distribution of sportsmen’s playing line, Simeon’s 3 Hits 2 points, Chapman’s 2 points, Canna’s 2 hits back 3 points, Nuss and figli’s 2 points.

In the second half of the first inning, Simone hit the first hit and hit the base, then Chapman hit the first base to push the runner to the third base, Olson hit, three hit in a row to help the sportsman score at the beginning, 0-1; Canna rolled the earth out a little bit, 0-2; loreno hit the second base to make the score 0-3; Davis and peace chose four bad balls in a row to escort, and Nuss’s high flying sacrifice hit For the team to win the fourth point; figli is another hit, 0-5, the starting line of the sportsman so that the Rangers can not parry. At this point Ranger starter bock was replaced.

The lineup of the sportsman returned to the first run, which was run on by Simeon. Chapman hit a two-point first base, 0-7. As Olson was struck three times, the first inning was finally finished, and the sportsman laid a winning position at the beginning of the game, winning 7 points in a single inning.

No one has been able to stop the Titan runner, derrick Henry. But the chief’s defensive end forward, Frank Clark, has a lot of confidence and is not afraid to express it.

Clark told reporters: “it’s not hard to hit him. He’s just a little bigger. 240, 245, 250 (LBS). At this weight and size, he should run harder. I don’t think it will be difficult to catch him. … I don’t think any runner can’t be captured, and he doesn’t look different.

“To be honest, I don’t think his ability to escape capture is the best in the league.”

Clarke doesn’t eat the current popularity of Henry: “he’s just a big man, people will be scared at first sight, or dare not fight too aggressively. But I don’t lack aggression. I am the conqueror. “

But it’s all up to the game. This may also be Clark’s way of boosting morale. Two years ago, the chieftain lost to Titan at home after defender darrelle revis didn’t have the courage to come forward and catch Henry. Clark obviously didn’t want this to happen again.

Florida advertising logo Exhibition

Since 1947, ISA International Sign Expo has been held in Orlando and Las Vegas in turn in March and April every year. It has been held for 72 consecutive times in 2017. It is the oldest professional exhibition of advertising signs in the world. At present, it has developed into the world’s most authoritative logo and logo Exhibition One of the advertising industry exhibitions.

In addition, the American International logo Association regularly holds a number of regional logo industry exhibitions throughout the United States, including the southern sign show, the southwest sign show, the Western sign show, and the Midwest sign show.

These exhibitions set up a good platform for members and relevant people in the industry to communicate with the advertising industry. The exhibition has brought huge business opportunities to the manufacturers and professionals of advertising and printing products all over the world.

At the exhibition, the manufacturers and channel providers of the advertising logo industry will gather to show and demonstrate the new products, technologies and services leading the advertising logo industry in 2017 to a large number of participants, customers, organizers and audiences.

Wiggins and Downes will be out of tomorrow’s Timberwolves game

January 1 – Timberwolves players Andrew Wiggins (sick with flu) and Carl Anthony Downes (knee injury) will all miss tomorrow’s game, according to the Timberwolves reporter Dane Moore.

In addition, Jack Lehmann (sprained left big toe) will be absent from tomorrow’s game.

Jeff Teague (knee) is unlikely to play tomorrow, and Trevor Graham (sick flu symptoms) and Noah vonley (gluteus) are likely to play.

So far this season, Wiggins has played an average of 35.8 minutes, 24.8 points, 5.4 rebounds, 3.3 assists and 1.1 cover; Downes has played an average of 33.9 minutes, 26.5 points, 11.7 rebounds, 4.4 assists and 1.3 cover.