Candidate quarterback Jordan leffer gets more attention for his excellent physical test performance

After Joe burrow and TUA tagovaloa are widely believed to be in the top five picks, the question now is who will be the third, fourth and fifth chosen quarterback, when they will be chosen and which team they will join.

Jordan love, from Utah State University, is likely to be picked from the top of the first round after Thursday’s performance.

Ian Rapoport, a reporter from NFL TV network, reported that lofoy was the most talked about player in the comprehensive inspection camp this year.

“Of all the quarterbacks who were talked about in corridors, late night bars and restaurants, Jordan love was talked about more than anyone else,” Rapoport said. “I talked to the general manager, the assistant general manager and the coach of the team. They all want to see how the man passes because the attention is increasing. We all think he will be selected in the first round. Now I wouldn’t be surprised if he was selected in the middle and high places. Maybe he would even be selected in the top ten places. “

“He’s always been a first round quarterback,” said Daniel Jeremiah, an NFL Network Talent expert. The question is where he will be chosen. I think we’re going to see two waves of quarterbacks being selected. When you see fifth, sixth and seventh, Miami Dolphins, Los Angeles lightning, the Carolina panther, they might pick a quarterback. But the next wave you’re going to see – and it’s likely to change with the development of the free agent market – is 12th (Oakland Raiders), 13th (Indianapolis ponies) and 14th (Tampa Bay Pirates), and I think we’re going to see two more quarterbacks in this range

For NFL scouts, the club is an interesting player. He was amazing in 2018, but underperformed in 2019. Will the team stay away from him because he forced the ball to the player being marked last season, or will they focus on his better performance in the previous season?

An important question is whether loewer will be ready to play right away or whether he will need one or two seasons of training like his comparative template, Patrick mahome. Joining the right team will help lefo grow into a good young quarterback who can rely on passing and punching to bring about a difference.

49 people are open to taking over Goodwin outside the deal

49 will not voluntarily cut Marquise Goodwin, who took over from outside, but will not refuse to offer an attractive chip exchange application.

Kyle Shanahan, 49 man coach, said: “we are not going to cut Marcus. He is a valuable player. I know he didn’t rotate very much last year, and then he was injured. I hope to be added to the injury reserve list so that he can recover. I haven’t seen him for a while. He’s someone who can play in the league, if he’s here, he’ll compete with others, if he’s not here, I’m sure there will be other teams who want him

Goodwin has two years left on his current contract, with a base salary of $3.95 million, taking up $4.906 million in salary space.

At present, the salary space of 49 people is only about $13 million, and they need to renew the contracts of defense interceptor deforest Buckner, close end player George kittle, and defense end player Arik Armstead.

“It’s possible [for us to trade Goodwin], yes,” sanahan said. Valuable players don’t get lost for nothing. We will let him come back to compete first. If the result is not satisfactory, we can still trade him. A lot of possibilities are still there, and I don’t have an exact answer right now. “

Goodwin played nine games last season, finishing 12 catches, advancing 186 yards and reaching the formation once. All figures are the lowest since the 2015 season.

Turner has been suspended for touching the referee. A court will appeal that the referee triggered physical contact

On August 28, major league baseball issued a ticket for Justin Turner’s physical contact with referee Rob Drake. Turner was suspended for one match and fined an unknown amount. Joe Torre, MLB’s chief baseball official, announced the penalty today, and Turner announced an appeal, so he will not miss any games until the appeal process is over.

The incident happened in the ninth inning of yesterday’s game. Turner was knocked out of the game by the referee’s penalty, which ended the game. The Dodgers also lost 3-4. Turner was very dissatisfied with the referee’s decision, and then had a fierce quarrel with Drake and had physical contact with the referee in the process. Dodgers coach Dave Roberts saw this and quickly ran out of the rest area to protect his players.

“I asked him, ‘do you think it’s a good ball?” Turner told the Los Angeles Times today He told me it was in the middle of the strike zone and it was very frustrating. If he thinks it’s a good ball with a center In any case, his penalty for today’s good play is questionable

Turner also said it was Drake’s active physical contact.

Turner hit three hits from five in this game, including a second base hit and a home run, which raised his season hit rate to 0.294.

There’s a smell of gunpowder! In the face of Zhan Huang and Xi’an, I don’t even have any manners. How about not giving LeBron face?

On February 26, there is no doubt that the NBA’s top game will be the Lakers’ game against the pelicans. James will face the best rookie, Zion Williamson. The first confrontation between the two players will come.

Zion has always been praised as the best champion with talent beyond James, while Zhan Huang is still the first player in the NBA, and their duel is bound to attract attention. In an interview with Zion just before the game, LeBron James was also asked. A reporter asked him if Zhan Huang had any impact on him? Zion refused to admit that James had influenced him in many ways, and he didn’t want to respond to the topic.

Zion’s style of playing now is to some extent similar to Zhan Huang’s, especially when he was young LeBron, who used his physical strength to force the ball. So how much influence did James have on him? Some reporters left this question to Zion, but his response was intriguing. At that time, in the face of such questioning, Zion pointed out without hesitation, “did he have an impact on me? You can ask me after the game. I am more concerned about how to lead my team to win a victory over him. Not only James, but also other great players have influenced me. After today’s game, we can discuss these together, but now I just want to win him. “

US media ranked the strongest NBA player in 50 countries: Jordan ranked first, Yao Ming ranked 12th, and hardadi was selected

Recently, the United States “fadeaway world” website ranked NBA players in 50 countries and regions, “flying man” Michael Jordan indisputably ranked first, while Yao Ming, the representative of Chinese basketball, ranked 12th.

For this list, the website first made a few explanations. First of all, for Luca dongqiqi, who is now hot in Dallas Rangers, he only ranks 14th, mainly because he has only played two seasons. Maybe in a few seasons, dongqiqi will rise to the top 10. The list is based on the key achievements of the players’ lives, not their potential.

Therefore, for the moment, Stojakovic has achieved more in his career, even though he will become the best basketball player in Serbia.

So, the current list is just a foundation, and there will be no small changes in a year. In addition, we can see from this list that many non American born players have a great influence on the NBA, and such influence will be more and more great.

Can lightning vs King win the League

The NHL regular season of 2018-19 season continues. Recently, Tampa Bay Lightning team, in a very brave state, is at home to meet the challenge of Los Angeles Kings. Tencent sports will broadcast the game live at 8:30 on February 26, Beijing time. Please pay attention.

The lightning team is in an amazing state recently. They have won all of the past eight games and kept the routine time for 10 games, making their advantage in the first position in the League even greater. Facing the King team with low morale, the team is very hopeful to continue to win.

In the front field, one group is boynt as the center, with kucherov and Johnson on both sides, stamks as the center, Miller and parrot on both sides, Keelung as the center, Gould and cherery on both sides, pakte partner Joseph and Ernie on four sides. In the past eight games, kucherov has 8 goals and 11 assists, pointe has 4 goals and 8 assists, and stamks has 5 goals and 7 assists. In addition, other forwards can also have stable performance, which makes the team invincible at the offensive end.

In the backcourt, one group is Herdman’s partner Stroman, the other is mcdonagall’s partner sennak, and the third group is sergeachev’s partner Colburn. In the past eight games, Stroman has four assists, mcdonagall has one goal and three assists, sergeachev has two goals and two assists, all of which have brought strong support to the team’s attack and defense series.

In terms of goalkeeper position, the team is expected to continue to send vasilevsky as the main force. The Russian youngster has won all the last four games, including two games winning the seal, two games losing only one ball each, and has basically locked a three-star position next week. If he can continue to play steadily, it will undoubtedly bring great pressure to the opponent.

Rap superstar indicted for marijuana Stanley champion announced his retirement

Since the legalization of marijuana in Canada, there has been no more active entertainment star than Snoop Dogg, a rapper. I’m afraid that Mr. Guo will face some legal problems if he wants to transform from a rapper to a marijuana tycoon. All of this is because the Canadian NHL team Toronto Maple Leaf, dog hemp company logo and maple leaf team logo are very similar. According to the maple leaf team, the trademark used by leafs by snoop, snoop’s marijuana brand, infringes the team’s team logo registration right.

As we all know, dogs are addicted to anesthesia. It is said that Mr. Gou flies from getting up every day until he goes to bed at night. He reveals that he smokes more than 70 marijuana on average every day, which is still under the condition of convergence. After marijuana was legal in Canada, gouye developed his marijuana business to Canada.

In fact, since 2016, the maple leaf team has been struggling with the trademark of dogye hemp company. At that time, the maple leaf team told gouye’s father that your logo was too similar to ours, but gouye and his father ignored it. So maple leaf sports entertainment, the backstage company of the maple leaf team, prepared a lot of materials to sue gouye. Until July 2018, gouye officially registered the logo of “Maple Leaf” for his brand. In October, maple leaf sports entertainment finally chose to take dog ye to court.

Said that the dog master plagiarized the maple leaf team logo, the evidence? There are three doubts: first of all, Toronto Maple Leaf and gouye’s trademark are spelled “leafs”. In English, the plural form of leaf leaf is leaves. Why don’t gouye use leaves instead of specifically referring to maple leaf’s “leafs”. The maple leaf team thinks this is unusual. The second point is the trademark itself. Gouye’s trademark uses a yellow green picture with seven leaves. Although anyone who smokes marijuana will recognize it as a marijuana leaf, the design of the trademark is too similar to the maple leaf on the Canadian flag. And the origin of the Toronto Maple Leaf team logo is the inspiration from the national flag. It’s pure maple leaf, not hemp leaf. Finally, gouye’s team logo is written with white words “leaves by snoop”, which is very similar to the design style of the most original team logo of maple leaf team.

The decadent urban girls in the artist’s body oil painting

When it comes to the painter Hesen, those who are familiar with the history of contemporary art will surely remember his pictures with strong expressive colors and the images of “decadent” and “degenerate” girls. Hesen has a strong realistic ability, and uses the contemporary art language of realistic style to express a level of urban life he wants to express — a decadent group in the city

Looking at Hessen’s paintings, I always feel shocked. Nowadays, there are many people who draw urban themes, and there are also many people who draw various problems in the city, especially in the life of urban women. She always painted young girls, but the girls he wrote couldn’t inspire any association about “beauty” in people’s mind. What people saw was their life state’s depression and degradation.

He Sen was born in 1968 and graduated from the normal Department of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 1989. Now working in Chengdu. In 1989, he participated in Sichuan Art Exhibition in Chengdu. In 1992, he held the first solo exhibition in Chongqing and participated in the annual exhibition of Chinese oil painting.

NBA’s name is James!

On February 20, two days later, the Lakers will play Grizzlies at home. The all star weekend holiday is coming to an end. In the future, everyone needs to rush. Those who want to get into the playoffs can’t lose any more. Those who want to get home advantage in the playoffs need to win more, and those who want to get rotten must have a clear goal! The Lakers won 41-12 and won the first place in the west, but they were cut off from the buyout market one after another before the trade deadline. The Lakers wanted to, but the clippers were more decisive, which also produced different treatment. NBA celebrities updated social media to fight for James!

“The Clippers are adding more players for little Carolina, and people don’t say anything; but to get the Lakers to do that for 35 year old James, a lot of people are saying every day that he can never be better than Jordan, talking.” February 7 is the NBA’s trade deadline. Before that, the Clippers got 3-D player Morris Jr. through the trade, and recently Reggie Jackson was bought out by the pistons, who will also sign with the Clippers. The Clippers made up for it, but the Lakers didn’t budge, but Perkins was direct.

Let’s start from the summer of 2010, James left the Cavaliers and joined bosh to form the Miami heat into the big three. All of a sudden, doubts came. “You’re in a group!” But in fact, when James left the Cavaliers to join the three giants of the heat, the Celtic three giants, the Lakers F5 and so on, before James made a decision, there had been examples of star team building talent basketball, but James was probably the most questioned.

Guangguang vs sportsman Meilian foreign card outpost battle

At 10:07 on June 22, Tampa Bay light team from the east area of the US Federation came to the bay area to challenge the Auckland sportsmen team from the west area of the US Federation, the second in a series of four games between the two sides. Tencent sports will broadcast the game live, welcome fans to watch at that time.

Review of war situation

In the last series, ray was just beaten by Yankee of New York, a top player in the same district, and three consecutive battles were swept. In the first game of the series against the sportsman, Matt Chapman blew out his three-point gun and bitterly swallowed four consecutive defeats. At present, Ray’s 43-32 record is the second in the east area of the United States, but it has only won two of the last 10 battles, which is worrying. The defending champion Red Sox, third in the row, has won 7 games in the last 10 games, and has been catching up with each other. Guangming’s visiting performance this season is very good, 23-14, second only to 24-13 of the best two cities in the league.

The sportsman made an amazing start to the playoffs last season, but it was not until recently that he returned to more than 50%. The sportsmen are in good condition. After winning four games in a row, they can win seven in the last 10 games. The rangers who are 40-36 are only 0.5 games short of the second in the division. But the American and Western supremacy astronauts have lost five times in a row recently, and the gap of 8.0 victories is not far away. This season, the sportsmen are not losing at all against the strong teams. The strong teams with a winning rate of more than 50% have a record of 24-20, better than the shining 22-24.