From beating teammates, failing to be listed, being fired, to the top of the world, the king of the array

Born in 1986, Bronte ran track and field for four years at Taylor County high school in Florida, played rugby for four years, and ran 1000 yards in three years. The 100m result is 11.34 seconds and the long jump is 6.75 meters. But his high school was so remote that the scouting report put him on the list of two stars. There was no university scholarship for him. His grades were not good enough, so he had to go to a short-term university like east Mississippi. At that time, the coach always forced him to get up early and go to the strength room for training.

In his freshman year, he was 180 cm, 120 kg of muscle training. His first college game, 24 sprints, 147 yards in the crowd. In njcaa’s first year of the league, he averaged 154 yards per game, which means that he would hold the ball, drag a bunch of other players, and run one and a half back and forth in the football field.

His coach, Alan hall, still regrets:

“We had four takeovers, but we didn’t use him much. What a pity!”

Roger Carr, another coach, said:

“Bronte is like a sculpture. If you want God to give you a 120 kg running guard, he will give you a Bronte. “

In 2007, at the age of 21, he went to University: the University of Oregon wanted him, and in the first year, he won the school’s record of 17 touchdowns, 1002 yards. It should be noted that he and Jeremiah Johnson are the team’s double running guards. That year Johnson made 1201 yards.

But also in the freshman year, he was constantly suspended by his coach: he didn’t abide by the rules of the team and didn’t attend the training. I’m not a good student. Then in 2009, something happened. After losing 8-19 to Boise State Mustang, Bronte said something to sports illustrated that he shouldn’t have said. When Huth in the opposite direction came to question him, Bronte beat Huth and beat his teammate, enbley, who was trying to dissuade him. Then he apologized:

“I apologize to all of our fans, to all of Boise’s fans. I did something I shouldn’t have done. I’ve lost my head. “

But mistakes have been made. He was suspended for the whole 2009 season. By the 2010 draft conference, no one dared to ask him

In April 2010, Bronte originally received an oral contract from the San Francisco 49ers, but after an interview with Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher, Bronte went to Titan. In the preseason in August, he ran 117 yards, reached the formation twice, and then, no surprise: during training, he beat a teammate. Eric batiari rolled Bronte’s helmet off during training, and Bronte punched him right away. Then Bronte immediately went to coach fisher to apologize.

Application and advantages of color label printing paper

Can self adhesive be printed in color?

A: no problem at all

Color sticker printing? What kind of printing can be used?

Compared with the traditional self-adhesive label, it can be torn off and used, convenient, fast and other advantages. It is also widely used in the application. It can be thought that it is a universal label. In general, the printing of self-adhesive label is a one-time processing of multiple processes.

Therefore, it has higher requirements for the self-adhesive printing process.

The purpose and advantages of common self-adhesive label paper are listed as follows:

1、 Writing paper label

Multi purpose label paper, most of which are used for barcode label, information label, high-speed laser label, etc., can also be used for ink-jet printing.

2、 Copperplate paper

It can be used for multi-color product labels and information labels of various products, such as: medicine, food, wine, beverage, sporting goods, electrical appliances, etc.

3、 Mirror coated paper

It is more advanced and glossier than copperplate paper, and also uses information labels with various products.

4、 Laser film

It is a multi-color label paper, suitable for high-end information labels such as sporting goods, ornaments, etc.

5、 Fragile paper

It is used for anti-counterfeiting labels of electrical appliances, electronic products, food, medicine, etc. it can be torn up immediately after peeling off the label of self-adhesive, and it can not be used again.

What kind of athletes can be called “self-contained system”?

In a word, there is no solution.

James’s strength plus his athletic ability, as long as he rushes up, just like a top football player, two people pull can not prevent him from scoring. The reason why James finally formed this system was that he planned after he joined the NBA. He and his team decided the route he would take after that. The characteristics of playing with strength as the main type, sacrificed certain air holding ability and agility. Finally, in the NBA with the meat grinder like forest, he stood out with the hardness of his body and dominated the NBA.

But the hard work and sweat in it, in fact, we have practiced fitness friends, as long as we look at James before and after the body shape changes, we know how much work he has done.

O’Neill is similar to James. In the early days, O’Neill was actually thin. He didn’t eat very well in the NBA. Later, he gained weight and strength, and became a giant that nobody could defend.

Olajuwang was a technical center. In the NBA at that time, it was stressed that the center should play high and play high, playing height advantage. Few centers went to practice the footstep technique under the basket like olajuwang, and olajuwang, as the top player of Jordan’s time who was the first man in the footstep, had no unique and even, but also stepped out his dream dance step in the same time. Olajuwang’s footstep technique had We just need to see which stars invite him to teach footstep skills and know what is “self-contained system”.

Verne who refuses to advertise

Verne’s “80 days around the world” was serially published in the Paris times, causing a sensation. This attracted the attention of the shipping companies. If Verne could arrange for Fugue to return to the UK on their company’s ship, it would undoubtedly be the best advertisement.

The next day, the steamship company sent a representative to find Verne, but when he explained his intention, he was refused by Verne. The shipping company did not give up and began to inquire about Verne’s preferences, hoping to find a breakthrough to move Verne. Finally, they learned that although Verne was a best-selling author, he could only earn about $5000 a year in copyright income due to an extremely unfair writing agreement signed in his early years. The steamship company decided to give Verne a large sum of money. He would certainly agree on it.

The next day, the representative of the steamship company confidently found Verne and explained the reason. However, Verne refused: “I’m sorry, although my novel didn’t get a more fair income, but I have to insist on building and forming my own style more than money. If I grant your request, I will have to rewrite the ending of the novel. In this way, the style and overall structure of the novel will be changed. The novel will not only lose its charm, but also disappoint my readers. It’s a million times more precious than money for me to get a fair evaluation from my readers.

After reading the admonition of advertisement master

The admonition of the advertising master is a 168 book published by Bob Garfield in the mechanical industry. The price of the book is 36.00 yuan and the number of pages is 2011-6. I hope it can help you.

After reading the admonition of advertisement master (1): the disappearing TV age is becoming more and more useless TVC.

Standing at the level of Party A, products and sales, the author summarizes the common disadvantages of advertising.

Although it is often mentioned in the book, after a failed advertisement, the company’s products have failed, and even the company has been destroyed. Some examples are a little over the top.

Advertising companies often say it’s not their responsibility, but it’s also true.

Good advertising + smart public relations strategy can achieve twice the result with half the effort, especially nowadays, TV has become a niche media while video advertising and various banners are submerged by the noisy mass of junk Internet information. Once a boring stalk is popular, 100 thousand official account numbers begin to plagiarize and let the epidemic rot out. In the minority market, there are various cheaters who reap the IQ tax.

On the other hand, the appearance of water army and false comment is everywhere from soft article to evaluation.

Advertising has lost its meaning, and people are more willing to believe the opinions of people around them. A good advertisement will be forwarded and people think it is creative, but the reason why the advertisement is popular is that people think the creator of the product.

What is dark weak solvent heat transfer film

With the vigorous development of the hot stamping industry, various kinds of hot transfer films are springing up in the market, but the quality and price are uneven, which makes the businessmen, especially the entrepreneurs who are new to the hot stamping industry, very confused when purchasing. A brief introduction of the weak solvent heat transfer film, so that procurement is no longer tangled.

Structure analysis of weak solvothermal transfer film:

  1. Printing layer: also known as printing layer. It is pure white before printing. Common material types include PVC, PU, etc. The quality of the printing layer will directly affect the fineness of the pattern and the heat transfer effect. Pu material is an environmental friendly material with vivid printing effect. It is the mainstream product in the current market with relatively high price.
  2. Adhesive layer: the adhesive layer is a layer of hot-melt adhesive film, which has no adhesive force at room temperature and will be combined with the fabric after pressing. The quality of adhesive layer will directly affect the combination fastness of image and fabric after heat transfer printing.
  3. Release layer: also known as the release layer, it is the release agent coating. Its main function is to separate the printing film and the bottom film. It is a factor that affects whether the image is easy to be discharged after printing and cutting.
  4. Base layer: it is the carrier of the above three layers. The commonly used heat transfer base films are paper-based, PET film, etc. The paper base is relatively soft and easy to deform during cutting, which has been gradually eliminated. At present, the commonly used material is PET film, which has the advantages of high tensile strength and not easy to deform.

After a clear understanding of the weak solvent heat transfer film, we will know how to choose high quality products with high cost performance. “Good quality and low price” is hard to get again, “one cent, one piece of goods” is true.

How to ensure the effect of gilding?

The more common it is, there are many people who need to use this stamping process. If they need to use this silver stamping process, they generally need to be able to understand some problems, such as how to make sure the effect of stamping? There are many people who haven’t understood this aspect of the problem. They don’t know how to do it if they want to ensure the effect. Let’s analyze it for you, hoping to let you know. How to ensure the effect of gilding? You don’t need to think about this problem. Generally speaking, if you want to ensure the effect, you are suggested to let yourself do the following. First, you can find a reliable manufacturer.

In general, if you want to ensure the effect of plastic silver stamping logo, you may also need to be able to pay attention to the selection of gilding manufacturers to see what kind of silver stamping processing manufacturers you choose will be more appropriate. Now there are more and more manufacturers. Sometimes you may not pay attention to this problem, and you will not find a better manufacturer It’s easy to cause some troubles, so it’s necessary to make sure that what you can find is a really good manufacturer. You can spend more time to understand. Basically, it can let you know what kind of manufacturer you choose is better, which will make you feel more secure. The second is to let oneself be able to communicate with the factory staff.

When using this process, if you want to achieve a better effect, you should also pay attention to it. You must also be able to communicate with the staff of the manufacturer. Many people may think that you only need to leave things to the staff to do. You don’t need to pay too much attention to it, but this is also a mistake If we don’t do a good job in communication, we may not be able to ensure the final effect, so we should also take these aspects into consideration. How to ensure the effect of gilding? After the introduction, you will be able to understand the problem. If you want to ensure a good effect, you can know how to do it. If you can understand the relevant methods, you don’t need to worry.

Which NCAA schools can use their own players to build a strong NBA Dynasty team?

Seeing this, the first team that flashed through my mind was the University of Arizona wildcats. This is probably the second NCAA team I know (North Carolina), but I know its name because of the movie “youth of song and dance”.

In the movie, the hero holds the picture of Roy Bolton and his teammates singing and dancing on the basketball court. After more than ten years, he goes to taste it. In the story, he keeps the name of wildcat, only changing the team’s logo from the front face of the cat to the side face: basketball is an important clue throughout the film. The final performance of the classic track “we’re aii in this together” is also completed on the basketball court. Let’s get back to the point. The reason why they chose the Arizona Wildcats is not entirely because of their feelings. They do have many players in their team’s history who are very in line with today’s basketball trend and even surpass the times to some extent. The all-around core, several 3D wings and space-based four positions plus a big man are the most common team building mode nowadays, and these people can be picked out almost from the history of wildcats. They have a solid, explosive, three-point and foul shooting, and even a big heart point guard, Gilbert Arenas. I always feel that if arenas enters the League ten years later, his performance will not necessarily be inferior to that of harden or Dongqi (if he can keep healthy). Considering Damon Stoudemire’s height is less than 1.8 meters, in order to prevent being targeted too much in the game, the playing time of the little flying mouse may be limited, but Bibby and Terry can also provide strong offensive firepower in the rotation team: the former’s blocking projection made the Lakers suffer a lot, and the latter would be the best sixth player in any era


What life lacks is not oil paint, but the wisdom and method of using oil paint well


Draw a painting without oil paint. But it’s not to say that with oil paint, the more oil paint you use, the better. If we lack the wisdom of using oil paint, do not know the methods and skills of using oil paint, only know to pile the oil paint on paper, and think that the more the better, the thicker the better, then the final “pile” out is not a painting, but a mess of oil paint.

Some people can’t draw a good painting all their lives. Perhaps what they lack is not oil paint, but the wisdom and method of using oil paint. If you can’t draw a picture or do a thing well, it’s the same thing – sometimes what you lack is not “oil paint”, but the wisdom and method of using “oil paint”.


Look at the oil painting, close to see a blur, far see the level clearly. And painting oil painting is drawn in the near place. How can painting oil painting in the near place draw the clear level and landscape in the far view?

An oil painter told me that the key to painting oil painting is to start at a close place and focus on the distance. That is to say, although oil painting is drawn at a close place, when painting oil painting at a close place, we should take a long-term view. We should not only see the paper in front of us, but also see the layers and scenery in the distance. (love log www.wenzhangba. Com)

Starting from the near and focusing on the far, we should start from the things around us, from what we can do, not from the high and low, but at the same time, we should have a long-term plan and goal in mind, as long as we do this, we can do things well and beautifully.

The difference between UV printer and heat transfer

1、 Use ink differently

Heat transfer ink is also called heat sublimation ink; UV printer uses UV ink.

2、 Different processes

Heat transfer printing: heat transfer printing is to first print the color pattern on the heat-resistant base material. Generally, the film material is used, and the pattern needs to be separated from the mold, and then combined with the special transfer equipment to transfer the pattern to the product surface in the way of hot stamping. Heat transfer printing needs to be equipped with supporting products such as hot stamping machine, baking pan machine, baking cup machine to use at the same time. Different products need to be processed by corresponding processes.

UV printer directly prints the desired pattern on the product surface, which is essentially a kind of piezoelectric ink-jet printing equipment. The UV wave emitted by the LED cold light source reacts with the photosensitive curing agent in the UV ink, which causes the pigment molecules in the UV ink to solidify on the material surface.

3、 Application industry difference:

Heat transfer printing is currently used in plastic, toys, electrical appliances, gifts, food packaging, clothing and other industries. The advantage is that it can be printed on curved and irregular surfaces.

UV printer is mainly used in mobile phone shell, ceramic tile, glass, metal, building materials, advertising, leather and many other industries. The advantage is that it can be taken immediately and operated conveniently, and it can achieve the goal of “hit and dry” and mass production.