slam dunk contest

Let’s talk about the all star slam dunk contest that just ended, so this is a total tragedy, the United Center tragedy, Malone Gordon Jones. At the last moment, I played three rounds, the first round, the second round, a total of three rounds, so I got high scores. In the end, Jones won a narrow victory and won hundreds of first prize. This is not mainly focused on the level of the two players, who is higher and who is lower, or mainly concentrated in. Well, the judges, Wei, Ze and Pippen didn’t care about this issue, and they didn’t have to say much about it. They directed the blame on Jones. They sent a dispute to Jones and attributed the winning or losing to the judges’ judgment. So I personally think that two goals.

All of them are excellent. No matter where they are put in the past, it will be a shock to the whole world. In particular, when communication is made, as long as the weather is favorable, the people are in harmony, and under certain conditions, I believe there is no preparation at that time. Jones is obviously prepared for it. The rest, the mid-term rest time, he has been playing up, the deduction, that he has a lot of preparation, there is a lot of content to show is children’s communication participation, so much money should be deducted, there is no new content to show, so this game lost. Unexpectedly, it is reasonable. So, we have to say that Xingda Lu Gordon said that he would not participate in the slam dunk contest again. Of course, it is normal and dispirited that he does not take part in LETV. However, it is not easy to say whether he will come back later, but it is not general. Slam dunk contests are all for young people at the early stage of their career. Rookie contracts, famous names, and out of focus, they come to participate in the slam dunk competition when they have the most physical strength and energy. So you can see, these dunk kings are basically concentrated in the age group.

At this age, Longge will be less likely to take part in the slam dunk contest as soon as possible. For example, James will have to prepare to participate in the slam dunk contest. Some fans expect James to participate in the slam dunk contest. Let me tell you this is impossible unless ah. Go ahead, vote. All the fans’ expectations and petitions are sent to the soldiers. Then James can reluctantly see whether he will consider participating in the slam dunk contest. When the consumables were hot in 2013-14, James might also have fans. In the end, it didn’t come true to ask James to take part in the slam dunk contest. How can we make this slam dunk contest over? I hope the coming year will be more exciting. Next, we will talk about the all star game.

The 12th World Cup

From June 13, 1982 to July 11, 1982, the 12th World Cup was held in Spain, with 24 teams from five continents competing. In addition to the previous champion Argentina and host Spain, the remaining 22 teams participated. However, after 306 preliminaries from 102 teams, after 29 days of 52 fierce competition, Italy finally won the championship by beating West Germany 3-1 in the final. This world cup was the closest China team had to the world cup except for Korea and Japan. Participated in the Asian preliminary competition, only lost the qualification right in the final additional competition against New Zealand. This year, the world cup, ah, was the largest one in history at that time, because the previous World Cup was attended by 16 teams at most, so the specific competition situation is that the opening battle of this world cup was a cold one.

Argentina lost 0-1 to Belgium, Maradona was closely guarded by opponents, almost no chance in the group stage, during which Brazil, West Germany and Italy showed strong strength, entering the second stage of the group stage were former Soviet Union Belgium, Poland, West Germany, Spain, England and Brazil. Italy, Argentina, France, Northern Ireland, and Austria, among which Brazil, Italy and Argentina were divided into the death group. After a difficult competition, West Germany, France, Italy, and Poland advanced to the semi-finals of the last four. There was a competition, which was very classic. The match between France and West Germany killed the sky and darkness, and West Germany scored the first goal in the game 。

Orderly promotion of NHL playoff plan

On Thursday, local time, NHL set the start date of the third round, i.e. the training camp, on July 10. All 24 teams entering this year’s playoffs will participate.

Last month, the League announced four stages of the rematch, including the completed stage I (self isolation), the ongoing stage II (small-scale independent training), the stage III to be started on July 10 and the formal stage IV of the rematch. The design of the whole semi-final plan is gradual, and the League will continue to determine the schedule of the next stage according to the progress of the epidemic and other factors.

“The NHL players’ Union (nhlpa) and NHL announced today that the formal training camp (phase III) for 24 playoff teams will be opened on Friday, July 10. According to the previous replay agreement, medical and safety conditions should meet the corresponding requirements at that time. The length of the training camp and the date of the final round (phase IV) will be confirmed in the future. “

Pitcher group suppresses the opponent’s line player in all aspects 5-0 takes the Ranger lightly

The first live game of the 2020 season, a spring training match, will be played by Oakland sportsmen against Texas Rangers. Before that, the record of spring training for sportsmen was 12-7, and that of Rangers was 11-6. In this game, although the Rangers are basically sent to play the main line, the sportsmen are in better condition. With two high flying sacrifice hits and a two-point gun, the sportsman established a 4-point lead in the first half of the game, while the Rangers were not in a good line playing condition, and only one hit was made in the whole game. In the end, sportsman 5-0 won the 13th prize in spring training.

Shawn Murphy, the sportsman catcher, fired two shots and scored two hits in this game; Matteo ran back two scores in the first shot; Brazilian, the first pitcher, didn’t lose points in the three innings, and the sportsman pitcher array combined to suppress the Ranger’s line of play. The whole court only let the opponent hit one hit without losing points.

The first pitcher of the game, the sportsman sent Chris Baxter, 1-1 in spring training, 6.00 self blame score rate, 2 of the 3 games first, lost 4 points after 6.0 innings, only 2 times three strikes. The Rangers started with honatan Hernandez, 3.86 points in 1-0 spring training, 4 times on the court, 2 times first, and 10 strikes in 7 innings.

Jamal Adams, jet security guard, responds to fans: want to join Cowboys

Jamal Adams, New York jet security guard, last week formally asked to be traded by the team. It is reported that one of his favorite families is the Dallas Cowboy. Recently, he confirmed this publicly.

On Sunday, a Dallas area fan saw Adams and shouted, “will you come to Dallas?”

Adams replied, “I’m trying, brother.”

There were rumours that Adams wanted to be traded to cowboys before the deal deadline last season. He grew up in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Adams, who was named in the best team last season, has two years left on his contract, but he hopes jet will give him a new contract. But the jet never renewed its contract, so Adams decided last week to leave. But the jet continues to think Adams will play for them in the new season.

Texas security guard Justin Reid: fully recovered

Justin Reid has missed just one game in two NFL seasons, but he’s never really fully fit. In the rookie season, he played most of the game after a wrist injury. In the second year, he endured a tear in his shoulder and lips and played the whole season.

Reed underwent shoulder surgery at the end of the season. A few months later, Reid said he was finally back in shape. He was ready for his first truly complete off-season.

“It’s really good. I feel healthy for the first time,” Reid said. “I’m really excited that my body can reach the current state. In my rookie season I’ve been plagued by wrist injuries. Last year, I had another shoulder injury. I feel like it’s the healthiest time since before the original wrist operation. It’s very important to me. “

Despite being affected by injuries throughout his career, Reid did well. In two seasons, he made 166 tackles (three leading to loss of yards), 33 run stops, 15 broken passes, 5 steals, 3 snatches back the ball’s right, 2 strikes against the quarterback and 1 forced drop. He ranked 22nd and 11th in the two season scoring of professional football focus.

MLB draft conference: Orioles sign kostad

Although Heston costard is the most powerful left-wing player in the draft, it’s a bit surprising that the Arkansas outfielder was chosen at the top of the list. After all, he only ranked 10th in the rookie list. The Orioles didn’t choose the top pick – Austin Martin of Vanderbilt must have their own reasons, perhaps the degree of completion. Maybe it won’t be long before fans can see costard swing at the Orioles.

It was supposed to be a contest between Vanderbilt University outfielder Austin Martin and Texas worker and farmer’s left hander ASA RASI. It was unexpected and reasonable for Marlin to choose Meyer. Meyer’s slide ball was the best in the draft and his straight ball could reach 100 miles / hour. Some scouts say he may be a little shorter than the 1.83 in the data, but he is definitely capable of becoming the future Marlin starter.

Royal seems to favor college pitchers. Two years ago, in 2018, they won three college pitchers in the first round: Brady singer, Jackson coval and Daniel Lynch. This year, they won the first round of four Texas farmer’s ASAR RASI. Royal shouldn’t expect to be able to pick Lassi in the fourth place, but after getting the starters who have three kinds of weapon balls (speed ball, slider and variable speed ball) and can reach 97 miles at the fastest speed, Royal’s future rotation will be very interesting.

Hot transfer materials business strategy brand

Brand is one of the important factors that can not be ignored in the development of an enterprise. Now the market is large, but the demand is also close to saturation. How to let customers know the products and names of manufacturers is a powerful competitive factor. How to cultivate the brand of heat transfer manufacturers, let customers remember the heat transfer manufacturers, trust manufacturers is a long way to go. Let me tell you how amik cultivates and maintains its brand.

  1. Honor of the company

In addition to testing our products, amik also sends them to a special testing agency for testing. On the basis of passing dozens of SGS tests every year, the company applied to Oeko-Tex in 2014, and passed the environmental protection certification of heat transfer printing materials and class a hot stamping products in 2015. Besides, there are many honors. Amik is our trademark and our concept.

  1. Actively participate in various activities

1) Exhibition activities

Amik has participated in international printing exhibition, sports Expo, shoes Expo, Haibo and other exhibitions. In the exhibition, it fully understands the industry trends, grasps the information of the same industry, and expands its brand awareness.

Fourth round 104th pick of Miami Marlin 2020 draft

Vanderbilt University, a famous baseball school, has always been famous for producing excellent players. For example, Austin Martin, No. 5 draft champion in 2015, dansby Swanson, Cy Young’s strong vote David price, etc. are all from this famous school. And to have a place in the first round of Vanderbilt University is enough to show that Ed’s ability is actually very good. Before the draft, “Baseball America” rated it 71, and the official website of Major League ranked 59, which is enough to show that its draft market is about at the end of the second round or even one round.

However, ed didn’t hear his name announced until the fourth round of 104th. According to Ed’s scouting report, he is tall, with a 97 mile fireball that is very fast for the left pitcher and a first-class curve ball. Although the speed change ball is still under cultivation, the qualification of ED is very good only by looking at the arsenal. However, his unstable control of the ball made his market slightly decline. The number of guarantees in every nine innings of his college life was as high as 4.6, which means that on average, one batter should be sent to the base for free in every two innings. This is obviously the subject that ED needs to practice. But that’s what many big left handers look like when they’re young and they don’t have control of the ball, like the famous Randy Johnson, who’s the big league player? It’s also Mike minor, a freshman at Vanderbilt University. If we can grow to the level of last year’s mana, then the marlin who picked ed ed in the fourth round is definitely a steal.

Why are there so many people who don’t like James in China?

First of all, I think there are two kinds of people who hate James: 1. I hate people who hate James seriously, but there are not so many. 2. It’s also a kind of people who have more to do with Jamie. Here are some people who don’t want to take the seat. First, many people may not be used to the performance of mousse’s court. I think this person is dirty and hypocritical It’s true that James doesn’t play so clean sometimes, but he is also similar to green Pachulia of warriors. Many people don’t like James to say that he hates him very much. Let’s talk about the second point. Why do we say it depends on his fans? To make a digression, I don’t think there’s any difference between fans of mousse and fans of fanquan. For example, before XZ cxk, why do many people hate them because of their crazy fans? If you say a little truth or bad, you can scold you. Can you have a good feeling for them? Can’t you feel sick?

The same is true for mousse. Most of the basketball players are boys. Some of them are straight men who lack good brains. They laugh at girls in the rice circle. NC is the same as RZ, but they don’t see that they are the same from another angle. I’ll give you a few examples. After the finals in 2016, James said he was good. His fans would say that James surpassed Jordan It’s history first, but it’s obvious that everyone agrees that Jordan is a God. You have to say that James is better than him, and don’t let anyone contradict you. Say a few words, the brave man played the Cavaliers in the black finals, defended James, cut the ball and hit him. The referee didn’t say it was a missed judgment. Then they started to attack and say that the brave man didn’t want to face, but the referee didn’t say it even if James was the first judge That’s not even. They’re selectively blind. They have to say that you bribe the referee to be unreasonable. There’s nothing to say. It’s totally unreasonable. Green kicks the egg warrior and his fans have been blacked out for several years. James kicks the egg. It’s not intentional. It’s on the public screen