Hofford is bold!

Let’s talk about the scandal between the rockets and the Celtics. Ah, in the last issue of the program, we will answer some netizens’ questions in this program. Now, we’ve got, we’ve got to jump out of the contract and intend to sign a four-year, 100 million contract. In other words, a year is 25 million. Now hofford’s contract should be more than 3000 in the 19-20 season. In case of a little bit of it, that is to say, he. P5 million think you can make 100 million yuan in the next four years? Well, I think ah, yes, there is no problem. Whoever signs is in bad luck. Who doesn’t want to win? I always think that hofford will jump out.

After all, the 33 year old, 30-year-old and 14-year-old veteran can still play for several years, but not for a few years. Compared with, his contract is the most embarrassing. We say that what kind of contract is the most embarrassing one now. One, for the five main players, each with a total of 20 million yuan. This contract is a relatively normal contract. Five players start first. If the team can play 72 games and 75 games a year, it will be given. I think it’s the same for a contract of 10 million yuan, which means that the contract of 1.25 people is more than the integer of one person’s contract

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Durant will join New York

In the warriors, because there are too many problems to consider, Thomson must be the top salary, plus, curry and his contract will stay. Green also wants to build a Dalang and so on, Livingston and other players. Durant will join New York or join the New York Knicks if he leaves the warriors. Basketball team, he can only get a four-year contract, this four-year contract, the actual utilization rate is only three years, or two-and-a-half years, because the contract needs to be used for a whole year of healing, I don’t believe, ah, these NBA teams dare to spend such a big bet to bet on drugs. A broken Achilles tendon, players, nets, teachers signed Durant, if not, the nets will lose four to five years of time, time is down, now New York, the Knicks have retreated, the nets I believe in Durant’s problem. As like as two peas, we should say that there should be a definite assessment. Finally, we say that Durant will not be in great disorder under heaven. But you will spend about 40000000, and you will be able to kiss a wounded number.

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Celtic sick!

Now, let’s talk about the Celtic team. Let’s relax. Let’s not be too nervous. Don’t be too nervous. I’m going to be a show. I’m going to do it. I’ll just say whatever we say in the group. We should talk to our friends about how to talk about us and Celtic team. Now, I’ll summarize myself and summarize with my friends that it’s up to me to take the blame. You can’t blame yourself. Looking at the Celtic team for so many years, after the development and sale of Rondo, the team began to put on bad reconstruction and take the draft right, right? Of course, the election felt that it was a change, not coming. When I had some of these people, I fully and fully believed that one thing to be sure of was the Celtic team.

In other words, Owen is to weaken, in fact, only to weaken the Cavaliers. Thomas Jr. led the Celtics to create the Eastern Conference finals. Although he lost to the technical team, you can see the potential of these young players in this team. Or, the pot players showed a kind of indomitable spirit of struggle, level, how many? Not much, but it was really a 120 point effort, ah, with Owen in accepting South Korea, good-bye, and Jerome Brown at the beginning to see the club is still good, right. Forward, pace, too slow. In the past seven years, the starting point is very high, the stamina is weak, including, now playing animals is the same, the GPA is very high, the stamina is weak, right, you can’t imagine, Celtic team such a team composed of three giants, if there was no Hayward injury, Celtic team had already run. Already, won the eastern championship, has won the championship, can, so imagine, can also think, bold assumption, but Celtic team in recent years, ah, go from bad to worse, investigate the reason, investigate the root, ah.

For one thing, Hayward, a serious injury caused the team to lose

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Leonard are mainly from the Laker fans

Let’s talk about the clippers and the large number of them. Well, let’s talk about it. The bad comments on Leonard are mainly from the Laker fans, James fans, which is a huge one. Traditional style, the black League is a group, ah, now the Laker James fans have become the second group. Ah, well, the public opinion has a great influence, that is, there are so many fans of malenad. If you go to the clippers, you can stay behind and be cute, maybe. Go on, er, this influence may be a little smaller. After going to the clipper, especially with Paul George, so many secret operations, ah, so many unknown and hidden events have emerged, but we have to see them.

I, personally, think, ah, there are some reports that the clippers were still with the thunder team before, Mon, ready to send out Paul George Renard, Paul georgieu and Westbrook. Take a look at some draft rights of a certain company. It may be even seven elective credits. Then when the Raptors and Leonard are in a certain pair of partners, I feel that, no matter who this is, the credibility is extremely low. Why say that, if the party does not admit it, if. Anyway, under the circumstances, this thing is a rumor. It’s a rumor. You can’t prove it

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Quembo is the next Laker target!

Anyway, the number 15 quota has been used up. The Rockets, again, look at the Rockets now, it seems that they have been fully groomed. There are so many teams for the No.15 players. Basically, there is no big work to start the new season. Well, what is worth talking about? Let’s take a look at this operation. Dizzy, it’s a little interesting, it’s a bit of a story. Why do you say that? Get ready for the big three, get ready for James Anthony Davis, and be a kunbur big three. We’re talking about bucks, bucks, letters and bundles. As for us and friends, ah, this clause comes down, ah, the operation of the Laker team is OK. Ah, first you kidnap your master, then you kidnap your younger martial brother. Finally, your younger martial sister will have a holiday and come back. There is no reason for failure. Er, the whole event felt to this environment that it was to recruit, motherland, bind, some fans analyzed it like this, some fans imagined a bold idea, a bold idea, well, it was too difficult to realize.

I personally think, let’s not do more daydreaming, or think about how to play in the new season. Er, let’s talk about the Bucks now. If we talk about the distribution of letters, er, I think it means that everyone knows next year. In the East, the final is the 76ers. Yes, the muscle men of the Bucks retired to the team and there were some fans who thought the bucks. I looked down and I observed that the Bucks would be the eastern champion next year, because according to this year’s Eastern Conference. And a certain team is also more optimistic about the results of the bombardment, ah, then, the team of seven or six people is a loser. We are driving a few meters less. Butler, the absolute core of the team, thinks that. The overall quality, quality, and narrowness of the 76ers team. In fact, I think it’s ridiculous to have such wrong judgment of fans. Ah, you really can’t understand the Bucks team and the 76ers team. It’s two kinds of teams. The 76ers play star basketball.

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the Jazz team does not have this attraction

What about Conley? Today, his performance was extremely poor. I just looked at it. 15 kinds of easy or 16 middle 1. Er, this is not normal. But you can’t expect him to be a super top scorer. He is not like this. Players, if I remember correctly, the highest score of Conley’s whole career seems to be only 40 points. You can imagine how much hope such a player can have for its offensive output. He is not such a team, or is the Jazz team based on the essence of doing well in defense, in the case of simple attack. All of us have made some contributions to the team. Ah, Mitchell has the ability to make explosive output. However, it is not normal. Therefore, a team needs two All-Star levels and two superstars, and they can play well. But the Jazz team does not have this attraction to attract super brands, so. Do some practical, operation of this team, ah, it can be said that it is the civilian team among the strong teams among the super teams, right? Er, it is also the Western verification of these three teams, the Laker clippers XX ah, the powerful touchstone to verify these three teams, the Spurs is to let you have a try.

Can you play the playoffs for me? The Jazz team is for you to try whether you can play in the finals. So, ah, according to my personal understanding, the Spurs and the Jazz are the top eight teams in the west, but there are no too many accidents. Other teams should be rotten and should be rotten. No, it’s rotten. Xiang has to work hard to get into the top eight in the West. Eight ah, this wish needs to be very hard, because with the Spurs and jazz, the Spurs can only barely get into the top eight in the West. The Spurs can barely make it into the top eight in the west, and the top four in the West. Keep working hard. You can imagine how bad the competition is in the western environment

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Tang Shen needs the fire line to come back!

Now we don’t say who can say it’s the symbol of the team. The mascot doesn’t exist. So we all fight for each other to play the substitutes, dare to fight, and the main players are the same. Anyway, who can get hold of it? Sometimes they will follow Paul, er, this Sao Paulo, which is definitely not. Angry ah, such a team, playing in the middle of the season, I believe there will also be instructions for the team to carry out, Baise right, this team, there is no hope, so Paul left the thunder team, it is a matter of time, but you have to see, the thunder team is such a thunder team can also beat the warriors, will the warriors go to set up a stall. Convertible star Pavilion, right? Ah, pure heart, fans spend so much money, then, he wants to make money, ah, he can’t play the playoffs and popularity. He just came down from the finals, right? He changed the new popularity of the new stadium. Right, ticket sales are so good, there are so many big guys willing to spend money, ah, the playoffs can’t play.

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I can’t say that, but you can see that the warriors, ah, show that, without Durant, Thomson will rely on curry alone. In fact, it’s very difficult for him to rely on curry alone after having green. As we said before, Thompson is for green, for Thomson, for green, especially for Curie. Chen Suying is a great player. If these two players can run out, they will play, er, this back and forth, cover and run, er, they can’t understand their opponents. This kind of tactical cooperation is playing hide and seek. We think it’s playing hide and seek all the time

Hayward’s whole ball now

In the past two years, ah, 60 million and nearly 70 million have been paid for nothing, basically for nothing. No matter how good this year’s play is, it’s also a loss, right? Of course, we have to see how much the actual use value is. Er, I personally think my personal judgment, ah, the score is not enough, and the annual salary of 25 points longer than my study is so high. It’s also untimely. Well, go to watch it again. Another point is that we should pay attention to it. Our previous program also said that you can watch Hayward’s whole ball now. We haven’t watched all four games. We just watched a half court game of the ball. But if you can see that she still holds her now, you should attack.

The risk, the ability to impact the opponent is reduced, in other words, the ability to make fouls and kill also decreases. He does not have such good physical quality or physical ability. It itself is not such a player, and has caused huge injuries and injuries, affecting him, ah, the whole athletes. This kind of play or physical, quality, what is presented now is to reduce the pressure or direct damage to the opponent. If you don’t have the ability, at least you should give the opponent enough pressure in shooting, and then include like curry and Thomson. When you can achieve such a level of shooting percentage, if you can’t, you can’t get the absolute core position in the team. You can only assist Tatum or even assist one, and take Walker as the team’s third scoring point

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Hand in hand to impact the East and West first!

Armor, horses, and long knives, these three weapons you must have, according to Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan has you, right, Michael Jordan, without you, it’s better. If you don’t, you can’t say if you want to. James and Durant, er, these people, ah, they all want to go to their careers, this score, Wang, joke, now Owen is going to be a scoring king, right? Well, less haddenway, right? They all have scoring kings. Why? Because it’s attribute. OK, Michael Jordan.

You said that James got a score in his career, Wang. If she didn’t, she would fight for a scoring king. That’s enough. That means I can do it. Other players don’t need it. So many players are like this. Then you get more, it’s better. Why do you really want to score a king? I don’t have a trophy in Germany, right. The second point is to discuss whether the iPhone app is accidental or not. It doesn’t matter if it is accidental or not, because some netizens often discuss the problem of contingency. I say, ah, this problem, you have to look separately. It is really accidental for her, but it is because he has it. Contingency is precious. You say, MVP doesn’t have contingency

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entering the playoffs is a strong team

I would like to share with you some of my personal anticipation, ah, some of my personal premonitions are not anticipation, but premonition. Er, I always feel that the league is becoming more and more slowly. Ah, these strong teams can reflect one thing, can reflect some things, on these strong teams are facing Ying No. 5 position has become more and more strong, this dependence you have to see, oh, in fact, I have told you all the time in the group that I said the warriors killed the fifth junior high school. The championship, in fact, is a wrong demonstration of the league. This is that you play this lineup and you go to win the championship. It’s a very accidental phenomenon. Er, it’s not the warriors. It’s not a strong team. The concept of the warriors was a super first-class strong team. We said it was.

Yes, for the championship, right? It’s called a strong team in the west, three in the East, 1.4 more in the West and 1.3 less in the East. Right? Then the next four to eight meters can’t be called a strong team. Many players think that entering the playoffs is a strong team. There are no weak teams in the West and no weak teams in the East. What’s the NBA. Ah, this thing, you can only cheat children, right? I can only say that, Qiang, the team in my dictionary is you can play the finals, ah, to be able to respect. I think that is called a strong team, right? Super first-class team means that the champion is now in my hands, and you can directly award awards

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