Celtic Pacers an ugly series!

Let’s talk about the Celtic vs. Er, the Pacers game. Then we use the noon break in the morning. I gave the reading ideal a look at this event, the program, and the competition. I simply looked at it. Um, it was extremely slow, extremely ugly, ha ha, ah, as we said, as I expected, I had expected it for a long time. Including, um, he played like this. Don’t be surprised, right? The first game in the first round of Seoul, when the Pacers didn’t win, it depends on how the Pacers come back to the home court. In order to achieve this kind of seven grabbing game or say.

Six games. The next Pacers team will step up. We hope these games can be wonderful. The more you play, the better, the better. We have also said that this kind of game is rare in today’s League and modern basketball, right? Now you can watch this kind of game. I think it’s very strange. I think it’s a little bit tasteful. It’s interesting. It’s just that in the past few years, this kind of game is called garbage game. It’s extremely ugly. In the current league, everyone is so big. Occasionally, two teams do this. You think it’s very thoughtful.

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he clippers can be used to bring

Thomson and this teacher, you also want to know that kausings has been scrapped. It has been scrapped. I said it in the previous program. We all said it, right? Don’t say we didn’t.

Well, I didn’t say that you didn’t hear it. You didn’t hear it, right? Ah, we were accurate. We did. We said that if kausins stretch is confirmed as a strain, then it will be reimbursed this season. You don’t talk about any strain, slight strain, etc., as long as you confirm it. If it’s a sprain, you’ll be reimbursed. Don’t talk about it. As for cousins, you and the warriors are champions, right? Of course, now, the clippers can be used to bring some resistance. Can we turn the plate? We heard about it. Can we say that we can flip the plate? The fermentation of the clippers is another word, right. But we also hope to be able to turn over the table. For this reason, we are willing to play. We hope to see a black seven black eight game, right? Er, the warriors just promise to win the championship. Kausins is here to play the champion. If not, he is also the champion, right? Call me. He is also a champion in five market development in a single game. He is himself. The purpose of his coming is to mix with the champion, right? I think we have been criticizing that even David West is not as good as I tell you. Even David West is not as good as him.

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Samsung thunder team you just care about me

There are still opportunities, that is to say, it’s very difficult to hurry up. Now, it’s impossible to turn over the past, but.

There is still a chance to return to the home court. That’s the one-to-two-to-one game of the game. If it’s zero to three, it’s goodbye. Go home early. Well, I’m talking about so much nonsense. Let’s talk about our personal point of view, that is, you have to watch it. You just need to. Samsung thunder team you just care about me, right? As long as you know what kind of characteristics he is a player, I will give you a very responsible to tell you, weishao’s playing is really some brave and fierce, it looks very irrational, of course, we don’t know whether it is reasonable or not. It’s possible that people’s basketball IQ is very high, right? Er, at this moment, the true face of the player will say ferociously that I’ve played like this all the way I used to play. If it’s zero to two or zero to three, it won’t. Meat is this fund formula to play with you. It won’t be so big, because it has lost, that is to say, you can give us an example, for example, you have already lost 23.23% on this KY score, and finally there is a medical treatment.

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Explain the triangle!

The prime minister is, the largest prime minister is the head of state, the head of the first chair, right? Japan is the same, ah, after listening to the following is the prime minister, right? You are saying, because of France and other France, the president wrote Marco Wu Zetian’s Hollande because of my hand.

Prime minister, German Chancellor Merkel, right? He is the prime minister, is he? Prime Minister Merkel has been out. Is it right? President of the United States trump, Obama, and so on, right? Canada president is also president, Trudeau little potato right, so many, because we can not see any way anyway. Ah, now we’ve talked about it. Well, in these countries, you can see that France also has the president and prime minister, right? He also has a prime minister. Germany also has a general president, right? What’s the matter? The president’s later prime minister’s right or wrong, they all accept it. It’s hard to say, right? Well, it’s hard to say that it’s impossible to say that every country’s political system is different, right? Then what’s the situation of the Laker team? Ah, so don’t argue about this thing. I think it’s in two positions. Well, the leaders of this leader should perform their respective duties. It is almost enough to take care of their own food

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what curry can carry

How do you quantify it? I’d like to ask you how to quantify, how much to calculate big, how much to calculate small, how much to calculate the average height of five people, how much to calculate the average weight of five people, small, right, fast, fast, fast, small, slow, big, slow. I want to ask about the age of fiction.

Some people say that the inside line can be pulled to the outside to throw three points. Hum, the inside line can be pulled to the outside to throw three points. Then the warriors open up the small ball era, oh, sorry, curry created. Did Bogut throw three points in primary school? This is not a paradox, is it a paradox, you want to say that the whole league plays. You’re admitting that many teams in the league are following suit. The warriors’ 141516 season started a crazy season, because its efficiency is high, but it’s not what curry can carry. It’s not what curry created. If you want to put a hard hat on it, you can say that Cole leads the trend and makes this dot. The Enlightenment was ignited. It’s a wonderful pen. It’s the brilliance of skrjan, igordala, ah, bring death to the fifth little school. Yes, it’s done. In fact, to be clear to you, it’s Cole’s masterstroke this season in 1415, not the community created by curry. The netizen, Lenovo FC, also took the example of Chen Duxiu at the first National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Ah, first of all, I didn’t watch it. I think so. Don’t bring all the things into the main topic. Don’t bring politics into our programs.

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No one is late!

When we talk about playing spurs, we have to play routine with Spurs. How many times have we said that the Spurs are afraid, superstars are afraid of him, his personal ability and personal talent. Now, it’s not one or two programs. Do you want to go to the wrong door.

That brand, ours, is called NBA cobbler. Don’t go to the wrong door and string the wrong door. OK, well, turn it over. It’s a waste of two minutes of the audience’s time. It’s disgusting. Er, the second thing is the two games tomorrow. One is the rockets and the jazz, the second is the warriors and Clippers. Well, there’s nothing to say. It’s just a heartfelt wish. I believe that 90% or more fans will hope the rockets or warriors tomorrow. The two teams will meet in the semi-finals of the playoffs. Well, these two teams are the teams that will play in the semi-finals of the playoffs or even the western finals or even the finals. Ah, so to say, the public’s expectation should be that the two teams have won one after another. We will meet in the semi-finals then.

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Jimmy Butler should know

Have you ever been able to shoot down my bombers without bombers.

You can start, push forward, start recommending, right? Bombard me with the main facilities, military fortresses, ah, airports, energy, railways, roads, etc. if you fail, all the ammunition depots will be bombed. Then, the ground forces began to push forward. The wrong Simmons, ah, was the bombers of the 76th team. What he came up with was to beat Xiaoxia down to me for breakfast. Those strong advantages must be used. In this series, if enbid and those who do not have any advantages than its own advantages, it will not be easy to play without any advantages. Oh, it will be very miserable. Well, the second point is that Jimmy Butler should know how to sacrifice when we are in the nets. You know, sacrifice, it must be, so this team has a lot of attack points. I won’t say four games, five games. Except for the first loss, Jimmy Butler obeyed my command in the last four games, or scored at least five main players or shot right.

The least number of shots, right? It’s the least score or the least choice of shots, and know how to sacrifice. Right? Let others go. Do it right? I have to defend well. I have to do this defense system well, right? It’s very important to command and coordinate well. The company has also made great contributions to Simmons, individual soldier, counter soldier, for Russell, you know, being a soldier, being a soldier for Lhasa

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Count Lori is in the top

Enbid’s hit rate is not high enough. Ah, it’s not as high as Lopez in mainland China. Mok can let Byrd run wild on the outside line. It doesn’t matter if you can’t win the game like this. So, you see, how to play the basketball net team is to suppress the inside line and kill the inside line, right. From the opponent’s, foul, these, big brother down, the alien players have the possibility of breakthrough, um, than is the bridgehead of the 76ers team. To kill this bridgehead, ah, raptors, ah, Xiaojia is, er, the bridgehead of the Raptors. Ah, enbid has to kill the 76ers before he can defeat the Raptors. Besides, Lori Luffy is playing very well today. Some people say that he has opened nine points and 30 minutes for you. Watch him fight with eight assists. He has to take the initiative in every field. Count Lori is in the top five of the league. This year’s three-point shooting rate is not high. If we play last year, the three-point shooting rate, ah, the Raptors can be said to be a frightening game. The growth of the Kam series has also been mentioned in our previous programs. About 1588, we focused on the Raptors and the 76ers series. We talked about the rules.

Put an hour, extra, ah, xiekam is definitely a very excellent athlete, the growth of raptors this year is very important, and also, ah, the decisive factor is the growth of xiekam

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Challenge the teacher of the king!

It’s always true that they are not the champion candidates. Ah, it’s not like that, because it’s super vs. universe super team. The super team and other teams are also from both parties. So what about the Rockets? I think, except for the case of Hagen’s loan, Haden is floating. In the case of statements, the overall strength of the rocket team has also declined, including Paul’s current state of affairs. I said that 40 million is not worth it. Maybe today, there is only 35 million, which is more than the playoffs reflected by Paul’s value. Now, almost in the first round, there is no body. Now there are only two doors. Ah, this round can’t be reflected. I’ll say goodbye if I’ve played the warriors in this round. But, warriors, we said last year. We said that last year. The friends who follow our program should know that we said, ah, the Rockets won the best Championship last year. Because of Paul’s ability, ah, it must go down. We don’t talk about the issue of whether it is worth 40 million yuan. Ah, his ability must be down or in other words.

It’s a pity that I didn’t win the championship in this position last year. It’s a pity that I didn’t win the championship in this position last year. This year, with the super performance of harden, dragging, er, the Rockets, ha, it’s up to Hagen alone. The other players are also very good, ah, just barely enough.

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the 76ers are not weak

How to beat the Raptors and how to get back one or two games. But generally speaking, the strength of the Raptors is still better than that of the 76ers, and I also support the Raptors’ hope to play six games but not hope to play. Seven games means that they are likely to be beaten in the face. Playing seven games, one man and half, under the circumstances, the Raptors, ah, do not have the absolute strength to be able to prove that, because the 76ers are not weak, you can see now, playing up to now, there are some ways and means can also be found, ah, this, limit the Raptors’ other players, so far, it has been 20 plus 20, ah, three quarters has not yet. It’s already 20 plus, so don’t focus on defense. Lena’s body is useless. How to deal with it, how to make ruiruirui die, how to make a small family, how to focus on death, HIA Kam, that’s the most important thing, right? The 76ers play their own attack well, which, for sure, is now the embid data.

Three shots, zero, four points, four rebounds, and four assists. Today’s data shows that if the NBA wants to play like this, the confidence must be thunderous. After this series, if there is the next series, if we meet Celtics and bucks, we have to explain, ah, Nb, we can’t be so big, we have to find our self-confidence because of the 76ers. Well, strong is NBA. You have to rely on other players to win the game. You are not in the top position

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