Rocket ready to fire!

The Rockets still like it, there’s no way. You see, the game is the inside line defense is completely not ah, it is by the opponent’s inside line. I think it’s a little bit of a problem to defend a single soldier. I think it’s OK. Everyone should keep his eyes on him. If he is always hit by others, he should slow down. His IQ is not enough. Ah, his intelligence is not enough. His awareness of complement and defense is very poor. Ah, this is the first thing. But there is no way you can ask him to teach him.

Er, this parade is not a good one. It’s impossible for this player to have so many millions of dollars. It’s a bit difficult to teach her to make tens of millions of dollars. It’s a little bit tasteful. Today, okafu reported 27 points, 12 classes and 27 days. In the first quarter, I played eight points and eight points in the evaluation field, 27 points and 12 points in the game. Ben, ah, okafu, this player, ah, well, we can say that it’s not very strong, but it’s also a bit of a level. It’s also a traditional interior player, and today’s shooting rate is high. One, 15 kinds, 11. I remember that food is more important than 70% of the food, and the hit rate is more than 70%. You say that those things have destroyed the rocket’s interior line. You say kabela, it’s not important, it’s too important, it’s too important. No one can replace it. Ah, of course, we’ve said in these games, rockets, pelicans still play like this.

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the lone ranger Mavericks

He can’t dance. He doesn’t have it. He can’t change you. It’s 77881. How can Anthony Davis be? Anthony Davis, though not a super giant.

But it’s also one of the superstars who have been able to get a hand in the past ten years. This player will have to wait for many years to come. But if you want to, it is a miracle if you want to cover the White Wolf empty handed. Write down the soldier crab and change the iPhone Davis is in the daytime. Abdominal ah, um, so ah, you are the main body of the transaction with the lone ranger Mavericks. If it is true, it is basically eliminated, so, um, because of what we said because of our poor opinion, Celtic. Feijie was excluded. I didn’t want to mention it in the previous program. Of course, some netizens have different opinions with this, er. You should just think that the Celtics, my raptors, and reindeer are still here. There is hope in the building, so you think I can’t help it. Well, anyway, I personally think that the Lakers are bound to win. The chips of the team are terrible.

Well, we won’t talk about it next time, ah, and then focus on the analysis.

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Hadden is also level 20

The technical type, the interior line is all these 18 kinds of martial arts. No matter you limit it to every point, you can only do it. You limit one or two of the packages. This is the advantage of this advantageous location, but he is really too. There are too many offensive weapons. Ah, so, er, we should take care of this one and lose the other. Ah, it’s very difficult to contain the more professors gathered together. It’s very difficult in itself. It’s reasonable to lose this game. Ah, it’s reasonable to lose.

The aliens picked up the little brother, and the shots were very accurate. I think these fights are also very good. Ah, the Hadden is also level 20, the hair distributor is also in the 20s, defending the 20 families, and the three 27s are still working, but there is no way. Those are completely exploded. It’s a pity that Mr. Li is short of three pairs. It’s a pity that some netizens have just left a message below, saying, well, I’ve seen all my messages. That is, we’ll take out some things to reply. Some netizens said, er, teacher Yue has grown up, has he got up, and what’s wrong with enbid. Well, that’s what we understand. When you grow up, you can certainly become the first center, right? The premise is that you can grow up. First, the technical whereabouts are unknown. If we say that after the technical action, we say Yao Ming is not one. A very technical center

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Pass through the general manager

I’ll tell you, all of them want young players, ah, these young players have one goal, young players plus the draft right, all of these are the same goal. In order to cultivate and produce Anthony Davis, ah, it’s so simple. Brandy must be rotten and with his own money to cultivate a, er, Anthony Davies, waiting for an Anthony Davis is not as difficult as waiting for a James, but it is also very difficult.

Well, for a team, 30 teams, it will take 30 years if they want to win the champion every year. If you are not lucky, it will take 15 years. So I think that even if the Lakers give four first round signings, I don’t think they can stay too much. One or two young players do the same. In this way of negotiation, talk about the four first round signings. It’s useless for the future Laker team. The record of the Laker team will not arrive. The Lotto, ah, the position of 123 in the West. What’s the use of this kind of slight? Don’t think it’s of any use. Pass through the general manager. Well, the team and the team cultivate some young players. Ah, it’s very convenient to change money. Ah, just give him time to be with the excellent players in these excellent teams

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If it is converted into RMB

Well, in other words, the salary actually accounts for the main part of the income. Well, this income is half of the bonus salary. Half of the battle, right? In fact, the company also has a lot of losses. If the wage loss is very large, it will lose 10 million million and 10 million million million each year. In the next 34 years, the contract will lose 9 million each year. This year, the loss will be 89.89 million. Under the circumstances, the contract loss in four years and five years will be more than 40 million. 40 million is not a small number. If it is converted into RMB, it will be 250 million, ah, 40 million, 40 million, multiplied by seven, it will cost three, 280 million and three hundred million. So, I think Durant will never reduce his salary. Ah, he must take this money. You can remember from James. We can see that James’s salary, or income, on the field and off-site is half of that. But Durant’s influence is certainly not as strong as James’s. Therefore, her salary still accounts for the main part of her income. His income is greater than that of off-site, and the amount of income is appropriate and even. If it’s 35 million yuan, it’s 35 million yuan off the field, and it’s 70 million yuan in the future. So I think Durant, the top star, can’t run. At most, you can’t get away with it. If you can reduce the friendship price by one or two million dollars, it will lose 8 million and 9 million yuan as this year. If it’s 10 million dollars, it’s too much to lose. Durant, I believe I’ll never do it. Otherwise, the 1 + 1 contract is meaningless, so it’s very clear. Green also points out this point very clearly. Green’s attitude towards this matter or the players in their team. I have a clear understanding of this matter, so don’t have any big hope for Durant’s salary cut. It’s impossible. I’ll give you a 2 million friendship price, right? Well, this 8.9-million-million-dollar one is unrealistic. It’s totally impossible.

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Six million dollars is just enough for my Morey’s salary!

Let’s talk about the operation of the rocket team. I saw an article on Tencent, ah, with thousands of words, about the magic operation of Morey of the rocket team about these two transactions. For this transaction, I feel that there are some netizens, eh, and quite a number of sub netizens. Well, there is a misunderstanding about this operation. He thinks that it is just for tax avoidance. Ah, he doesn’t clearly understand the Rockets’ main idea and principle. What is he doing to make up for the front line? His ultimate goal is to make up for the risk. The tax avoidance is unintentionally made. There are 6 million dollars left. If you give it to Morey, it’s a kind of unintentional salary. It’s really not for the sake of saving money. It’s because you have to think about, er, how the model came from, right? Then what kind of price did he pay to get it? What kind of trade did he get it before.

And these costs, ah, ah, after you get all these things clear, you will know what the Rockets want. That is, we know that at the beginning of the season, including last season, when Anderson played well, the rockets used to lure the league and lure some teams, I remember. It’s not as if the king had cheated the king into eating Anderson’s contract and replacing Anderson with a first round signing. He also wanted to throw Anderson off with a handwheel and four wheels. Ah, the king provided a first round signing and Anderson traded it. In the end, Anderson failed to succeed

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O’Neal played low back play

What do you say about this thing, how to play such a thing, play a projection, as long as, accurate, as long as the ball player is accurate, you must be accurate without interference, right? Of course, we can’t deny Kuri’s ability. Indeed, in the case of no interference, the Savior is right. This is also a concern. A necessary condition to reach the present height, ah, at that time, O’Neal played low back play, which was to hit your inside line. I’ll play a few more. The rule of Kuri is not limited to the opposition. He still needs to have tactical cooperation. What kind of combat skills is pick and roll.

vCover, tactics, right? This is what the guests designed for him. What’s the tactic? Small boss, small courage is also an advantage. It’s dislocation and dislocation. No matter how big or small, most of them are advantages. Ah, big hit small, physical quality, height, speed, explosive force, and so on. Buddha said, then there is no such problem as big island and big island. Anyway, for the sake of your opponent being the center, I will crush it with my body. Then O’Neill was the dominant interior line in that era. There was absolutely no other person who could shake his position in the interior line. We don’t talk about how to reach his old age. Ah, I’m sorry to interrupt. Ah, O’Neill won’t say much until his old age. There are a lot of young inside players, a lot of young people, such as bydam in September, Howard and so on, who were outstanding at that time, especially Bynum. Once upon a time, I thought that the height of O’Neill was comparable to that of O’Neill

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Looking forward to black seven and black eight?

The game has been lost for a long time, and has been well-known for a long time. Therefore, the final moment of the team still depends on the stars, who have more stars, who are more powerful and more durable. On this basis, the winning rate is high, so Paul George is behind today. Continuous, lead, room this Mitchell let Lee Mitchell learn from the continuous mistakes, but the thunder team’s overall defense is also very good, ah, now, after going to the thunder, every player in each position defense is very good, ah, very thick, this is a very good team, this team’s culture is very good, so many years. There are a lot of talents in this team. As long as they play in thunder, they are all talents. But as soon as thunder comes out, it’s right. If you leave thunder, you will not be able to explain what it means. The team environment of the thunder team and the good coaches can make these players play their best in this team. So these balls. Yes, it is very excellent. Ah, the management of this team, this coach, assistant coach and so on are very excellent. I personally think, ah, let’s have a look again. We said that before the game, at the beginning of the season, when the season started.

Thunder, the team, played. At the last moment, the double guard and double attack, the back guard weishao and the lost should have played so many games this season, more than 40 games and 50 games, which fully verified our statement. At the last critical moment, Schroeder and weishao had double control, double attack and double control. This set, attack, combination, ah, is very powerful

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General Wharton

The Clippers won the playoff list again. The schedule of the clippers can be as good as the kings and the Lakers. The quality of the real playoff team is almost the same. Now the Timberwolves have caught up with them. Then we can follow the kings of the playoffs against the Timberwolves. OK, the Lakers are at the end. It depends on whether these teams can be charged online. I personally think that the clippers have basically secured eighth place in the playoffs after 34 wins. The Spurs have lost again today, and the kings have also lost.

If you look right, they all lost the ball. They sent the Clippers to the seventh place in the West. In the other games, ah, well, there’s nothing much to say. The strong team won everything. The Rockets also won. The Warriors also won. Basically, what should be won won won the focus campaign. For the Grizzlies, it’s a focus campaign. It’s about the focus. The referee’s help. I think it’s great. Finally, although there’s a ball, er, the whistle is not flat, but I think it’s a little bit. It’s a little bit biased, so it still hasn’t been saved. The Lakers basically don’t talk about it in the playoffs. We’re going straight to the theme. Wharton’s class can be counted in seconds. We just talk about it in our dreams. First, we say that Wharton leaves class one second later.

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Kobe to change hands

Under the circumstances, the opponent will not seriously guard against the game of James behind you. If the playing time is limited, then you will not try your best. The opponent will not die in the room. The desperate room will play the dead room. So basically, it can be said that we can play an efficient game. It is the cumulative data of our previous programs. If you laugh, these five big data earn enough points, steal rebounds, score rebounds, attack and block blocks. These five big data have accumulated, especially scores, this year surpass Jordan, and next year surpass Kobe, er, set up one milestone after another. Of course, I personally feel that if we can’t get history. Phoenix, in the case of surpassing Jabbar, it’s not enough to look at this milestone. Er, the first is valuable, the first is meaningful. What I said is that the first is valuable and the first is meaningful. Then it is worth mentioning today’s game, this, Owen’s, er, the top ten goals.

Well, it should be able to score the top ten goals. It’s the same as that of Kobe in those years. This is the same as that of Kobe. It’s just that it’s more difficult for Kobe to change hands. It’s strange to change hands and back hands. Wearing a hat, Kobe is a dunk, and Kobe is a dunk Owen style layup. Well, it’s almost as elegant as it is. But Kobe’s difficulty is even higher. If you have a chance, you can have a look at it. This is Kobe’s top ten ball. It must be selected by remark. Kobe’s fans must have been there for a long time. They danced like elves. That’s how they described it at that time. Owen’s ball was also very similar, but it was not as wonderful as Kobe’s.

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