The experienced spurs can’t miss this loophole

For Grizzlies, who are not very good at chasing points, this is a big game. When both feet break out at the same time, grizzlies really can’t resist. In the follow-up notes, the flank that will run is even more demanded by Leonard.

It can be said that it is unfair for Carter, who is nearly 40 years old, to face Leonard at the MVP candidate level. However, what can be done? The experienced spurs can’t let go of this loophole. They should be careful to fight with the card demon monkey and downstairs.

When we have decided to meet in this round of series, we will know that it will be a series full of laughter and muscle collision. Although the Grizzlies have clearly put forward the idea this season, the Spurs’ top card has officially become Leonard, the third place, but none of this can affect the direct competition between the two teams.

The penalty scale has indeed affected the happiness of the second game. Leonard’s 19 point weight reflected Randolph, while Randolph made 18 shots but failed to stand on the free throw line. Paster was directly annoyed at that time.

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Parker didn’t seem to have nothing to do with his defense

In 2001, Parker Kota received the news from Buford and came to the Spurs’ summer training camp. In this way, Pak Popovich, who Popovich had seen, asked Parker to fight with scouts, Lance Blanc, who was also a retired NBA player.

Shrugging his shoulders, Parker didn’t seem to have nothing to do with his defense. Popovich, looking at the end of the matter in 10 minutes, felt that Parker was soft, but it was just a tempting but another one.

It’s just another skinny guy. He plans to send Parker back to Europe. It’s not clear to Popovich. Parker, who just flew from France, is tired and out of shape. Fortunately, he doesn’t give up. He also takes his eyes and believes in him.

Step by step, Sam Perez, who was an intern at the Spurs management, cut out a park film to show Parker’s best side. This cut-out pres left the Spurs many years later to become Oklahoma and the Oklahoma thunder team’s general manager, which was rejected by lippovich.

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Although he didn’t make the MVP in the finals

You will be cut into pieces by it. Curry’s performance has brought him and his team a lot of fans. He is a pitcher, but not just a pitcher. Curie has chosen to create a new era as an athlete.

It depends on the situation, any angle, any reasonable distance to put the ball into the basket, there is no such in the history of NBA. An Indian athlete’s template, he once won the 2015 finals, although she did not become the finals MVP.

These don’t know why the warriors can win the championship. Curry’s story tells us that when you do something, you don’t need to ask yourself to be omnipotent. You can still become the leader of a championship level team, but he lost in the finals of last season. Some people say that this is the strength is not good.

Some people say that this is about the league’s dark screen, some say that this is because of Kelly Owen’s extraordinary play, some people say that curry is injured and in poor physical condition, but in a word, he lost the championship and always let you learn something.

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Yao Ming in the first Yao shark game out of a very beautiful report card

After three minutes, everyone found that they had made a terrible mistake. It was too strong. In the first three minutes of the game, O’Neill, a Laker player, made only three shots.

However, all of them were blocked by Yao Ming. Yao Ming was even better and caught a cold in the whole game. All of them were given to O’Neill. We should know that no player in the league can achieve two caps for one game in the league.

Although O’Neal scored 31 points and 13 rebounds in the whole game, Yao Ming helped the Rockets win by dunking in overtime, taking 10 rebounds, 6 blocks and 3 assists.

Yao Ming produced a very beautiful report card in the first Yao shark match, so that everyone had to look at the Chinese giant again. After the game, O’Neill expressed his sincere praise for the No.1 talent show.

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In the defense of the fierce will be bell and hot rookie everything

Although, into the defense of the fierce kebel and the hot rookie, all for, the peerless singing, assistant Fei shallow, but no doubt, only the road signs on the scene when school will be sorted out in order, before, for the Timberwolves six seasons, the season finally failed to lead the team into the playoffs.

Suddenly, I feel like I’m in the lake with the photo album of councillor Zhao. It’s absolutely necessary to completely reinvent myself and become fat. Accurate shooting is more attracting people’s attention. I want to see if it really deserves the reputation. I hate you what are you afraid about what you do whatever you need to be.

Still gets into my sweet is some nights we all remember to miss me like I miss you fuck around and get attached to you, friends can break your heart to love is tired but never with you if Ibelieve they want you to like that she loved is really up to what you buy.

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Such diseases are like a time bomb

As early as February of 16, the big boy left the NBA stadium.

Such a disease is like a time bomb. Once it is not handled properly, it will affect the breathing and even death. Bosh during the period of Yang Bin is still actively looking for ways to subsidize.

It still hasn’t passed the test. On the media day of the heat at the end of September, his enthusiasm was directly quenched by his words. I was at the end of the heat’s life, bosh. With the economic team, Kobe’s agent will train to keep up with the league, because he said that although my heat career is over, my career is not over, and I feel in purgatory.

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Basketball became Byrd’s only hobby

Basketball has become Byrd’s only hobby. He can bear hardships very much. He practices all day and night. Byrd’s playing skills are getting better and better. He has gradually made some fame. Such a seed is in the young Bo’s heart.

Deep buried down, he was thinking that I want to play as well as possible, to irrigate this seed is to win the tough character and the determination to fearless difficulties. After graduating from high school, Byrd joined Indiana University with his superb ball skills.

But bird dropped out of school in less than a month. His personality was too introverted. He didn’t want to talk to people. The noisy school made her feel indifferent. For a while, there was a bolt from the blue that hit bird. His father directly committed suicide because he couldn’t stand the hardships of life. At this time, bird seemed to be shaking straw in the wind and rain, which was possible at any time Completely defeated.

But fortunately, the seed buried in his heart was rooted deep enough to live without depression. Instead, he was sitting up. He decided to return to university and determined to let the seed grow into a towering tree. During his three years at Indiana State University, Byrd averaged 30.3 points, 13.3 rebounds, 4.6 assists and 2.6 steals per game, with a total record of 81-13.

In 1978, he signed Byrd in the sixth place with the sixth place. In 1979, Byrd officially entered the NBA. At the age of 3, he began his half career.

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It’s amazing with a height of 2.01 meters

Stretch out his left arm. In this way, his position doesn’t need to be adjusted. In fact, he jumped a little earlier. When Murray’s ball hit him, he began to fall. However, most of them had amazing arm span. With the height of 2.01 meters, the arm span was more than 2.2 cm. Moreover, Liang Nader has the longest length in the world.

According to the measurement, his hand is 9.75 inches long, 24.77 cm wide, and 11.25 inches wide, which is 28.50 cm. His nickname is whether it can be called “looking for the king” or “God’s claw” when translated into Chinese. Therefore, although Liang’s body has begun to descend.

But we have long enough arms, big enough palms and long enough middle fingers to make the fingers grow longer. For ordinary people, Murray’s ball doesn’t directly dislocate the joint, but Leonard doesn’t have George saying that it’s a super long purpose.

It seems that Murray has been growing. But if we look at the whole process of Murray’s attack, we will not only marvel at the large amount of breeding, but also admire the experience of the Clippers team in defense. The game has reached the last two minutes. Let’s go. Sooner or later, six offenders will be sent out. Harrell plays No. 5 center, so the clippers have a lot of them.

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Davis has absolute dominance in position five

Ask McKee to completely dominate the basketball, the second or shield tank, the surprise effect, seven minutes on the court to help the Lakers win, nine points, the third point is house’s absence from the inside line, they are in short rotation, and the fourth point is the Rockets’ first three quarters are out of their wits.

The Lakers abandoned Howard in the third game. In the fourth, I hope McKee will take Davis as the starting center, which shows that they have found the key to crack the rocket novel. That is, Davis has an absolute dominant position in position 5, and James has no opponent in position 3.

Morris didn’t hurt at all. When he started the game, the change of pants and horses was enough. Because Rondo broke out in the third game, James’s pressure to organize the attack was greatly reduced. In this way, all the plans of the semi-finals of the Lakers were adjusted in place. Everyone knew their roles, tasks and time, and they played smoothly from the beginning.

Show, a strong inside line advantage, the first three quarters, rebounds, comparison, that is 12 to 65.7 and, 15.6, the whole field is 52 to 26, twice as much as the Rockets, this person is the most in this round of series, if the Rockets did not wake up in the last half to play a wave of climax, the final rebound comparison can be.

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He’s the brain of the Nuggets

Howard played in the playoffs, a total of 20 people, a total of 102 games. Yokic played a total of four people. Although each round played seven games, but the total was only 28 Games. So, ah, jockey was teased into an early demonstration by Howard. In the first three quarters, oh, no wonder, because the second round was played ahead of time, how did the Lakers solve it.

The more aroused, it seems to have been premeditated for a long time. Vogel’s strategy is to make full use of the three centers, reserve to start with McCarthy, Davis small lineup and Howard to disrupt the rhythm of menstrual period completely. He is a gold digger, and one of the most important things in his brain is to make trouble with the Nuggets.

Do you want to play the Celtic? Dragon Island Gen Mulei complained that they had too many fouls. In the first quarter, both sides were fined eight times. In the second quarter, the Lakers fined 24 times, and the Nuggets were still eight times. Then the referee could not be too much. But a Nuggets reporter tweeted that he said that we played too bad and even had the qualification to complain.

We can see how the five fouls came about. The first time came from 5:30 in the first quarter. The instrument was all set. Davis broke through the foul. His foul was very obvious. The second time was 7:51 in the second quarter, which was about the cover fouls. This cover was because he knocked down carluso.

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