Limit your opponents to the top five in the league

As a defense coach in a team, the Celtic defense was very terrible. In addition, he also served as a defense coach for the Rockets. When he was in the Rockets, he also helped the Rockets become the top five teams in the League to limit their opponents’ scores and hit rates.

Maybe I read a material that he has helped his team become one of the top ten defensive teams in the League 15 times, so his defensive ability is basically recognized and is a long-term stable ability. I also agree with this view. At the beginning, I would like to talk about the objectives of the Knicks season.

Brother’s goal is to get rid of the chaotic management and playing methods. The famous Xibe coach is actually very suitable for such a chaotic team. We call it New York. He is a colorful world. It is easy to be impetuous and easy to get lost. In fact, we need a so-called enterprise at this time.

However, the coach’s so-called ability to start from this basic skill, ah, starting from defense, can make these young players really realize how to base themselves in the league. In fact, sibodu should be a very good coach in this respect, and I think he has his own unique vision in training young people. The most typical one is him.

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Rockets now also have all kinds of news

Zheng Du is a prediction that has stepped on his feet. Now it seems that to some extent, object amu, what did you say at that time was that deterrence might be possible in the next season or in the middle of the season, ah, there was no ball to play. Now it seems that Wei Shao’s situation is really very embarrassing, although after a year, it is not like what Eminem said.

But there is no ball to play, but there is no ball to play, because it stopped before, right? The whole film has no ball to play. But now the team is in a very bad state after playing the playoffs. Now there is a conflict in the dressing room, and both of them have to leave, which is worse than the situation of no ball to play. Yes, Wei Shao is the first one.

You put forward that you want to go, and the Rockets now have all kinds of news, ah, they want to trade, Wei Shao now has three potential buyers, there were three before, there may be only two now, the first is the first to release the beneficial Hornets to weishao, because the Hornets team selected the three ball old plum radish at the mass meeting.

Now, they certainly don’t need to be around, and ah, this deal may have been said to be the closest at that time. At that time, the Hornets said to the rockets that I would have to see my final choice in the draft convention. If I could pick the ball, it would be the ball power. If I could get the ball, it would be the ball power, because everyone thought at that time.

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