Because there are so many dimensions to judge

This historical ranking is really a topic of benevolence and wisdom, because we really judge many dimensions, and the importance is also very difficult to say, including the number of championship trophies, the number of finals MVP and the regular season MVP awards.

He and all kinds of other awards and honors, so I think from the point of view of the degree of peak and the accumulation of honor, James has definitely surpassed his predecessors to become the first person in history. His peak period is too long, and the ability of this peak is too terrible.

I think it’s a pity for James that he hasn’t won three consecutive titles like Jordan, so he may lose a little bit to Jordan on my side, but in other aspects, I think it’s really unusual.

But from another point of view, although he didn’t have three consecutive titles, such feats and such a perfect final report card of six wins and zero losses, he had entered the finals for eight consecutive years before, and now he has entered the finals for ten times. In fact, he basically has three to four, four to five for ten times.

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Five playoffs in a row

Five consecutive seasons into the playoffs, this is not particularly proud, but I think a very important point is that his five seasons are basically five systems, can be said to be five different teams, 1516 season is Durant’s last season in the thunder, and then this season after the Western Conference finals is also very famous with the warriors, the airport almost took the 73 win warriors.

After that, the 1617 season was Durant’s long-term success, the MVP season of Westbrook, and the helper was actually oradipo. Later, 7718927 was replaced by pickled peppers. In fact, 11718189 was basically the double core season of pickled peppers and weishao.

In the 1920 season, the lineup was shocked. In fact, before the start of the season, no one was optimistic about the thunder team. All three of us thought that the thunder team might be in a state of reconstruction, and Paul might also be a role to be sold.

But I didn’t expect to enter the playoffs, and in the case of not being optimistic, the Rockets played back and forth, but also fought seven games, almost defeated. In fact, from this point of view, the Rockets, indeed, Donovan, as a coach, can not only cultivate young people as you said, but also in such a changeable situation, in which the personnel are changing You can use the chips on your hand.

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