Which is equal to 29 points per game

Well, although this method of play is still a bit cheap, because the direct basket and three-point ball, the high three-point shooting rate has increased the overall shooting rate.

There is no such thing as the midshot, the ground shooting rate. So, curry’s shooting rate is high, but it is also the overall shooting rate, which is equal to 29 points per game. It’s terrible. If you want to get the MVP, the league’s third record and the second record in the west, you can have no problem. MVP is curry’s, but it hasn’t been listed on the list recently. When you get to 80% of the hit rate, you can get to 80% of the appearance.

The number of times, 70% of the number of appearances, er, the number of appearances on the 78567 floor are sweet and sour. Let’s take a look at the top of the MVP list, and the position where curry can be ranked. But the fact that curry is strong and difficult is also a fact. Now I just don’t mention it. Multimedia, fans, a lot of people focus on James Durant and Leonard. Now, there are very few people talking about viscosity library. Instead, they talk about viscosity card.

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This is the way of playin

This is the way of playing. Wei ‘s ability will be changed the day after tomorrow. If he develops this ability, he may start later. This kind of natural state may need to be processed the day after tomorrow.

So is the change of weishao’s playing method and the change of basketball concept an influence. Ah, we don’t know about the ups and downs of this state, but I believe that if we reach the playoffs, we won’t care about so much data.

Has a word in his head, that is, to is to score, that is to win, and I want to kill my opponent. So, in the end, whether it’s like what we said, we’ll see the performance of Williams in the playoffs.

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It mainly depends on where your value

Maybe, even if you play well, you may go away. If you don’t play well, you may go away. It mainly depends on where your value is. Of course, I hope that you can sell if you play well, right? But maybe you can’t give up. That’s just a little bit, right? In case you trade one Er this. Kobe, of course, it’s a joke. If you educate an all star, right? But I believe, ah, pants, your mother and so on, in the future, it’s very likely that all stars will not be able to run, but if you, er.

Right now, it’s a loss to abandon a future superstar, but sometimes you can’t help it. In fact, you have to give up something for James, so we say that they won’t give too much time to the Lakers and they won’t spend too much time with these young players. It’s just like the four years before the Lakers. If you don’t play well, you don’t want to make a couple with me. In other words, you are likely to be traded.

You are likely to be eliminated. Yes, it’s a bit heavy with some threatening tone. It can be seen that James is still very anxious and anxious in his heart. Now he is sitting in the fourth place in the west, and this position is much better than expected, which also achieves the previous psychological expectation. So, he’s not in a hurry now. It’s easy to recruit. Antony Davis is an attitude. I believe it’s what the Lakers want to do. If they can recruit Antony Davis with one or two future stars or potential players.

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We absolutely believe that we can take an example

So we believe James, ah, ten shots a game can reach him. This, uh, is it a contribution to the team. It’s definitely not less than 20 shots. Durant is the same. We absolutely believe that we can take an example, Durant. Ah, durantjames and other players are super top players. They are on the history to evaluate them. Well, for example, Kobe Bryant is also a superstar in history. We put it on the stage of history to evaluate him. Kobe is the same as you call him cross every game.

No, it can definitely make ten shots every game and can not change his contribution to the team. This is absolutely. We have always said that Kobe Bryant, poison, Kobe Bryant alone has four points in his career and nearly five assists in Durant’s career, but he can’t have more than kobayor. You believe it or not. Don’t suggest you go for a look, right? According to my understanding Durant, I think Durant plays, and see, Kobe plays, Durant and Kobe Bryant will not be more than Kobe Bryant’s assists.

Much, at least about eight is equal to you saying Durant blocks us or not. It is always said that Kobe, alone, Kobe, how can you not listen to it. Durant played alone then. You don’t have that. Right. The question about Kobe was Kobe. You read that you played Kobe Bryant without scoring. You played Kobe alone. In the first half, there were about 78 assists and 10 assists. Once, I didn’t have you. I read it. I passed it to you. Right. In the first half, Kobe Bryant made a shot. Once or twice, he got about 34 points. Maybe 10 assists. Let the world shut up and shut up all the news media. You don’t mean I read.

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Although he is not willing to stop it

Last year, the year before last, last year, I said, er, the rockets and he clattered this contract to exchange Thompson’s contract. We discussed this issue. I personally think it’s not worth it. Why?

Because Gordon’s contract is 13 million. The contract of $13 million is actually a cheap contract. If you trade him for five times, he will have to pay more than $30 million. If you continue to pay more than $30 million for the next year, it may not be a high-quality asset for the Rockets.

The most important thing is that Thompson has no ability to pursue. Gordon, this is totally different in essence. He has the ability to hold the ball. Although he is not willing to stop it, he also takes the Jersey to throw it inside and attack it inside, but his ability to control the ball is absolutely good, which is also the best in the league.

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So what about players who don’t use it

I can’t get three points by touching the stone. You have seen bosh give three points in the Raptors. Haven’t you seen that piston is fit for James? Paying off debts. The meal is not good. Or I don’t know how this statement comes out of the ball. So what about players who don’t use it? How can you watch these years now.

In turn, it is a small character in the corner. Running dragon sets, right? That’s the stepping stone of superstar. I said the background of the stepping stone of super weapon. Right, that is, he said it is not good to listen to. Yeah, this dependency walking , this walking dog is not very good to listen to, and the vassal is right. No use, ah, this last year, I played several people to say goodbye to us. You really have a good chance.

You and Peter Peter are on the top. When you test your test, you have come to this round of series test. You can’t really do it, right? Peterdafi is right. You put all your energy on the defense, you know, well, I am tired of 15 points. If you succeed, you can’t do it, right, it’s not right. It’s good in regular season. It doesn’t work. It’s really good. It’s really good. Do the key series of key games to test your success, right.

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It’s very difficult for this team to play the playoffs

If it’s really a small ball, well, Paul will always see the value of Baoru when Paul has no value. Well, Paul is wasting more than 40 million. How can we get it first. I said that card, Bella is not in our small situation, you see Hardon alone with these small groups of small, this little brother with these useless three, I also said today also to talk to the children right, eh, playing basketball team-mates to the end can not have the time to hold up and so on.

It’s very difficult for this team to play the playoffs. It’s really hard. Although I also support the Rockets, we can’t say anything fake. It is true that the team is not competitive in the playoffs. If it can play the west, it really means. But thankfully, I really want to fight. Warriors. I don’t think it’s enough. Ah, don’t think it’s a good thing. Ah, hard has cut every game. Ah, 40 plus 50, right? Right. Well, this is right.

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It’s a concept of “going in and playing outside the line three points

Well, I think it’s great not to say that no three points are good because we all realize that this player is here to provide the Rockets with three defenders missing this problem is also using the magic ball theory of rockets Murray Anthony. I play two points. Three points, right.

It’s a concept of “going in and playing outside the line three points.” that means that you think that if you come, you have to give a little three points, right? In other teams, you can play by 3-5. You can play if you come here and improve it. For this, the hit rate is very low, take it, the rocket thinks it can not, and so on is that everyone knows that is, the material is coming, and the third position has such awareness.

I think it is very good because there is a netizen who has sent us a message, and today I leave a message to us saying “send materials”. Well, he came to replace Cabra. How did you say you played the position of “three”, I think I should understand it so, I would like to discuss it for you and analyze what we say in modern basketball, right.

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If it takes a month to repair

I don’t understand. The Rockets only have 135. They don’t have 2424. They’re all 3234. They’re all the same. They’re all coming. If he doesn’t have the top 5 position, he’s 2345 because he can change it. Do you understand that? Well, 2345 can switch infinitely. Of course, coffee, in a certain period of time, he will change rooms indefinitely, right? Sometimes it’s really impossible.

If it doesn’t change, those will be empty, right? It must be prevented. But last season, when the Rockets played the warriors, kabela was beaten by curry, and he was taken away in the sixth and seventh game. Is it useful for Li daimo to replace you? If this kind of situation still happens this year, it’s better to pull it down, right?

If you can keep up with it, right? Those friends who are still clamouring, please tell me who is the substitute of kabela for the Rockets today. It took so many games, right? If it takes a month to repair, I’ll tell you that the Rockets can change it again, right? Ennistak, please. Even if Gordon Clark, right? These players, ah, house, can nail kabela, it can be so big.

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You can focus on the fact that there’s still a ball now

It’s not always that big. Nice can also say hello to the Rockets. You can focus on the fact that there’s still a ball now. It’s a long time when kabela is away. As long as the other side has a strong and strong center, some rockets dare not send this kind of no front lineup, shoot a small song as the starting point.

The big ones must go to Beibei, and they must have a blessing to top it. That’s for sure. So, the Knicks are also playing today. Well, the Rockets also eat his way, that is, our supporting role. When you meet me, right? Go and have a look. Now, Rex’s Robinson is also a rookie, right? We don’t know each other. Today, we just took a look.

Well, we just saw my wechat. After half-time play, only take up the post. West Africa’s experimental four shots and four hits reached 10 points. All played in the second half, and this kind of efficiency also played for 7 minutes. In the case of 20 players, you say how to defend, who to defend, ah, lack of strength, you have to be able to take into account the important task of internal defense.

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