The Raptors coach taunted himself that Box-1 tactics for Curry

Because of Stephen Curry’s “Box-1” tactics, Raptors coach Nick Nash became the focus. After today’s training,Raptor’s coach Nash also answered questions in an interview. He asked the reporters if everyone was laughing at him.

In the fourth quarter of the second game of the Finals, the Raptors adopted a “Box-1” tactic against Curry, and they almost overturned by this tactic. However, because this tactic is basically used in low-age competition, Nash has become the focus of the tactic in the past two days. The warriors said that the last time they saw this tactic was in high school or college.

Nash also elaborated on the situation when he adopted the tactic, he said: “At that time, I told my players that I was thinking about using four to defense Curry. What do you think? Their reaction was what tactics it was. I drew a tactic and told them where everyone should be. The tactical arrangement was for Gary and Leonard to go down, Lorry to go up and Van Fleet to chase Curry. Lorry thinks that this tactic can be used and will be effective, and supports the this tactic.”

In the second match, DeMarcus Cousins showed his pride. He restricted the performance of Gasol and talked about Cousins . Nash said: “obviously, after he played, he had a game plan for little Gasol, and in the first round he rushed out almost to the side of Gasol , and he tried to fight against the restriction with his body. Cosins’s passing was great. He had a great sense of presence on the court. I remember he hit a key three-point, when we didn’t play hard enough, and he hit three points. He’s a great performer. He’s an all-star. He’s talented. He’s a big man. As the series goes deeper into his game, he’ll feel better and continue to perform better.

Leonard has been playing with knee injuries since the Eastern Finals, but Nash said: “He’s in good state. I’ve been saying that he’s in good shape. He knows his body. I think he can play 40 + minutes a game. I think he’ll find the feeling of shooting.”

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