VanVleet: Occasionally blurred vision, but it’s not a big problem to hate wearing braces to play.

Raptors’ guard VanVleet said in an interview that he hated wearing braces in games. At the same time, he revealed that although he had not suffered concussion, his eyes were still swollen, sometimes accompanied by blurred vision, tears and other symptoms.

In G4, VanVleet was hit in the face by Livingston in a defence, not only the corners of his eyes were beated, but also a tooth was lost. In the next game, he will wear a brace on the stage. In an interview, Van Fleet said: “I hate wearing braces, you know, I am a gambler, but sometimes when I lose, it bites you hard. In this case, you need to wear braces. It’s a strange competition. I just had a bad luck. Now I need to wear braces to protect my mouth. But I’m likely to throw them away at some point in the competition. I’ll try them out.

Speaking about filling, Van Fleet said, “Yes, I had my teeth filled yesterday, when I went to the hospital and had a CT scan to make sure there was no fracture in my face, and then I went home to sleep after filling my teeth. Although I can’t smile at you now, I’m back to normal. It’s a good time and everything is as it was before.

Speaking about his role, VanVleet admitted: “I know how important I am to this team, and I know what I can bring, so it’s never a question. For me, I just want to focus on maximizing my potential every night to give the team a chance to win, as we said before, we wants to win next game.

Speaking about the team’s coming to the end of the series, Van Fleet said: “You need to do more, the game is getting harder and harder. It’s also the playoffs. It’s getting harder and harder every round. These players are hard to deal with. We need to make sure that we always play a good game and make no mistakes. We still have room to grow and the team can get better, I think. We hope to play the same game tomorrow night.

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