Americas Cup – Uruguay twice lagged

Uruguay plays Japan in the second round of the 2019 Americas Cup group tournament. Sanhao Kang Ermei scored twice, Suarez scored a penalty, Cavani, Suarez hit the crossbar, Gimenez scored a goal.

Uruguay has been unbeaten against Asian teams in 11 neutral matches, with 8 wins and 3 draws, four in international competitions, three in the World Cup and one in the Confederations Cup. Muslera made his 15th appearance in the Americas Cup, surpassing Maspoli to become the largest Uruguayan goalkeeper in the history of the Americas Cup.

In the opening 59 seconds, Suarez’s midfield jumper shot the top net. In the 3rd minute, Sanhaokang’s right baseline was crossed, and Okazaki’s right rib and right foot were scanned to shoot in the side net. In the 8th minute, Caceres crossed the right side, and the right foot shot was blocked by the guard after Suarez got the ball in front of the restricted area.

In the 10th minute, Yukui Anbu crossed obliquely from the left and headed high in the middle of Shinshi Okazaki’s restricted area. In the 13th minute, Uruguay quickly counterattacked, Cavani crossed the right road, and Suarez headed unattended in the middle of the restricted area and was confiscated by Yongsi Kawabata. In the 14th minute, Sanhaokang’s left foot shot was high after he cut the ball in the right way.

In the 21st minute, Bentankul knocked down Nakajima Xiangyao, and Nakajima Xiangyao kicked the left free kick obliquely, and Ikeda’s straight-forward momentum ball was confiscated by Muslera. In the 25th minute, Japan counterattacked quickly, the midfielder of Chaizaki Yueh passed long, and Sanhaokao burst into the restricted area with a small angle of right rib and right foot, 1-0! For the second time, Sanhaokao scored the first goal of the national team for Japan.

The 85th minute, Cavani penalty free kick right foot shot was blocked by the wall, Cavani right foot shot was blocked again. Ultimately, Uruguay drew with Japan 2-2, Uruguay remained invincible in the two wars, while Japan was invincible in the two wars, and continued the Americas Cup invincible curse.

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