Rockets Paul is gone, weishao is here. What are the X factors for rockets to reach the finals in the playoffs this year

From 2019 to 2020, the Rockets traded Paul to the thunder, and the thunder’s weishao to the Rockets. This is the exchange of the two top defenders. Paul was traded again. Although there is a lot of frustration, this is the survival rule of NBA. Last year’s Western Conference final, the Rockets lost to the warriors again. We also saw the tragedy of the Rockets, the players’ unwillingness and the pain after losing. If you want to enter the western finals, you have to break and stand still. If you lose to warriors in the western finals, you also need to see your own team’s shortcomings. The core players at the critical moment need to be able to get key points, play stronger, and reflect the value of superstars.

At that time, Paul also had many good performances, one time against the sky to change his life goal, but still can not surpass the warrior this mountain, fell in the Western Conference finals. There are many reasons for losing, such as the short board of team staffing, the opportunity to control the lack of fire, the lack of a key shot. Although physical strength and injury affect Paul’s condition and play is not stable enough, but there are deficiencies in his own technology, lack of changes in shooting, no innovation and improvement in technology, and come forward at the critical moment but still lose the game. It’s impossible to break through the insurmountable height. Paul is gone, and weishao is here. Can he help to break through the current height of the rocket?