McGrady: I thought it was as easy to play baseball as basketball, but it’s far from it

McGrady was 34 years old that year, not too late for a player who wanted to play professional baseball. So McGrady prepared for months with the pitching coach. “I am serious about it. I’ve been training outside at 30 degrees Celsius. I love baseball. I’m up to the game. “

McGrady’s efforts paid off, and he joined the Atlantic League’s Sugar City mosquitoes. Sugar City is less than an hour’s drive southwest of Houston, the largest city in Texas, and McGrady’s home is in the city. The mosquito team issued an official statement on McGrady’s joining, saying McGrady’s “dream of life” is to play baseball. “McGrady proved his strength, determination and diligence during the training camp.” “We look forward to seeing him make great progress,” the statement said

McGrady’s professional league is not MLB as we know it, nor is it a subordinate League of MLB. Its name is Atlantic League. It is an independent professional league, mainly distributed in the Central Atlantic coast and the northeast of the United States. Another team is located in Texas, which is the Sugar City mosquito team joined by McGrady. The league office is in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

In terms of scale, there is no MLB team and its subordinate teams in the city where Atlantic League is located. Their teams are generally located in the outskirts or suburbs of the city and have their own subordinate teams. Their cities have stadiums that can hold between 4000 and 7500. Atlantic League players will also sign with MLB teams, once signed, they often start from the 2A or 3A League of MLB subordinate teams. 3a is the League closest to MLB level. So the level of the Atlantic alliance is definitely not low.