Kou Yongkang, 19, challenges MLB

It’s just the age of freshmen. Kouyongkang is different from his peers – professional baseball players, who go to the United States to fight in different environments and experience language barriers every day. As a Milwaukee brewer minor league player, he now has a new crown disease epidemic in China. Although the minor league game is delayed and the domestic training facilities are poor, kouyongkang Or set yourself a goal of 40% improvement.

Speaking of the English name “coco” of Kou Yongkang, it is possible that friends from 80’s onwards will think of Coco Lee, the singer who was passionate and unrestrained in singing “Dida Di”, while some younger people think that this is a common English name among girls. It’s hard for you to imagine that Zhang Baoshu, who led the Chinese national baseball team to win the World Baseball Classic twice and now retired to coach in China, has given the name to a disciple as well – he is an infield player from Anhui Province, and a zero post player signed by MLB Milwaukee brewer Ke Yongkang.

Unlike other senior players who graduated from MLB China Development Center earlier and signed with major league teams, kowing Kang was not selected alone, but signed by brewers together with two other young Chinese players, Zhao Lun and Yi Jian. From Dacheng school in Beijing to MLB baseball development center in Nanjing, the three have been teammates.

You know, it’s not easy to play in the US Minor League when you are under 20 years old. Staying away from family and friends, language barriers, different cultures and unfamiliar environments are all obstacles for the little players to overcome. Fortunately, Kou Yongkang and two partners who grew up together set out on a journey to take care of each other instead of going to the United States alone like other predecessors.