Africa’s strongest star is ebbed, Europe is alphabet brother, North America is Curie, what about Asia?

With the strengthening of exchanges between countries, many sports leagues are committed to the development of internationalization, and athletes from all over the world are likely to compete in one sports league. Take the NBA for example. There are players from all over the world. Although they have different languages and living environments, they can still live in harmony in the end. Many players who can enter the NBA have become the most powerful stars in their hometown. After all, there are not many other powerful basketball countries in the world besides the United States. Today, let’s talk about the most powerful stars on five continents and see how strong they are.

Africa enbid

Today’s top center in the league is actually not an American. He comes from Cameroon, a small country in Africa, where there have been many powerful basketball stars. It’s said that enbid started to play basketball in his teens. It took only four or five years for him to enter the NBA. His basketball talent can be seen here. Now he is leading the 76ers to the championship. Although he is not an American, the people of Philadelphia support him very much.