What are some examples of baseball players ruining their careers?

It’s easy for baseball players to ruin their careers. Take Japan as an example. After Jiaziyuan, most of the elites of the Congress have to make a dilemma: whether to play professional baseball first or go to college first (this problem exists in American baseball and even in NBA, which is very common, but the existence of Jiaziyuan improves the reputation and competition of Japanese high school players Density, which makes this issue more concerned), both of these options have advantages and disadvantages, and a slightly different choice may affect their career prospects. If you choose to play professional baseball after graduating from high school, the competition of professional baseball is very fierce. There are 12 professional baseball teams in Japan. The team has players, foreign aid, a large number of new university and social players who join the team every year. They will not give in to you because you are a high school student. Sometimes they don’t need to do anything wrong. If they are a little unlucky, they may rot in the substitute or the Second Army (reserve team) all the year round )Not to be reused, once washed by professional baseball teams, only high school educated players can’t find good jobs in society. If you choose to play college baseball first, the facilities of college teams are far from the level of professional baseball teams, and sometimes the game density is not inferior to that of high school. As we all know, a lot of Jiaziyuan players have injuries in high school. The training and medical conditions of university teams are likely to make these hidden dangers of injuries unable to be treated in time, and in the course of four years of University, there is no significant progress, poor ball skills, and even the possibility of losing everyone.