Do terminators in MLB have to pitch every game, or do they have the same rotation as starters?

If the score is very different and leads many points, there is no need for the terminator. If the other side is 0, according to the pitcher’s state at this time, the first pitcher may be allowed to throw nine innings in order to get a completion (SHO). If there is hope to get a no hit or full game, it will not change the starting pitcher. If the score does not exceed three points, then the eighth or ninth innings will bring the terminator on the court, keep the score, and win a rescue. If the score is behind, in fact, there is not much need to replace the terminator, unless the repeater pitcher is not good. Why value values so much? Because of the vast number of baseball games, people will only remember some shocking performances. At the end of several seasons, everyone is talking about “data” one by one. There is only one “rescue success” value in the evaluation of the terminator. No one will care about his era, his strikeouts, which are all the things that are compared among the first pitchers. Therefore, since the pitcher has made a “rescue success”, otherwise his physical strength will be wasted. The next time he needs to rescue, it will not be finished.