How to do advertisement marketing well?

With the further rise of consumption upgrading, some of the hot money completed the double killing of competitors.

In 2017, several products were sold more expensive and better than their counterparts, with both profits and sales.

a domestic juicer, priced at 290 yuan, with a accompanying cup. I’m sure you’ve seen their tweets, and they’re still in fashion. From time to time, we can hear people discuss it in the circle of friends and group chat.

a homemade sunshade umbrella, priced at 279 yuan, with exquisite details page design, which is very similar to Apple’s official website. I thought for the first time that Apple came to sell the umbrella. The self-made category “small black umbrella” mainly focuses on high-efficiency sun protection, and the promotion of UV blocking rate reaches 99%. It is said that the sales volume is more than 100 million yuan a year.

a domestic trolley case, 20 inches, with a price of 228 yuan, is advertised as produced by a new Trolley Case manufacturer, which pulls a group of white-collar workers to buy, but there is still a special discussion: is the value of a customized trolley case?

Study these blockbusters carefully, but they are not cheap. For example, for the juicer, the price of similar competitive products is only 140-250 yuan. For the sunshade, the price of similar competitive products is as low as 68 yuan. For the trolley case, many competitive products are sold for 180 yuan. They are not the cheapest.

But I found that from the promotion page alone, their design sense and copywriting level are higher than that of their peers. Behind the scenes marketing is a way of holding hands, which is to let readers see the product page