What is the major of “marketing”?

Marketing is known as the wind vane of commodity economy. No matter what industry you are engaged in, you always need marketing personnel, and the demand for marketing professionals is growing. The marketing major has a very broad prospect of employment. There are many opportunities to enter the world’s top 500 multinational companies, especially the students of marketing major in top universities. In the United States, the average annual salary of graduates of master’s degree in marketing can reach US $50000-60000, and the monthly salary of those who come back to work is also more than US $10000.

  1. The definition of marketing marketing is known as the vane of commodity economy. Marketing is a comprehensive management method, which runs through the whole process of business activities. Marketing is the process that an enterprise organizes its business activities to meet the needs of its customers and achieves its goal of profit and development by meeting the needs of its customers. It is also the process that an enterprise organizes its business activities in a planned way and provides customers with satisfactory goods and services to achieve its goal.
  2. The development trend of marketing has a good prospect of employment, and the contribution of high salary marketing to social progress is huge. At present, China’s market economy is just starting, and various enterprises and industries are paying more and more attention to sales, so the competition will be more intense, and the new business model will promote the marketing work to be more important.