What should be paid attention to in advertising marketing

We know that an obvious advantage of online sales over offline sales is the price. Because online distribution channels can be reduced or even omitted, and many purchasers also see this feature, now most tend to purchase online. In the face of the coming purchasers, how to deal with the problem of price negotiation, and whether they can grasp it well to realize the thrilling leap of the goods, the sales specialist of Alibaba Bole reminds you that, first of all, you need to understand the product price of online marketing of peers, form your own price negotiation system, grasp customer psychology, so as to achieve cooperation and win-win.

2、 Precautions for network event marketing:

  1. Excessive erotic marketing

No matter it’s the public’s curiosity seeking communication, or some excessive potential marketing, it’s against the public order, or even against the law. This is not a group of tall and powerful foreign models dressed as Spartan warriors and naked

After passing Guomao subway station and crossing Jianwai SOHO, when arriving at Sanlitun, he was knocked down on the street by the police. And the annual celebration of this dessert store called “sweetheart rock salad” also caused the situation of being killed by the crowd.