Why are there so many people who don’t like James in China?

First of all, I think there are two kinds of people who hate James: 1. I hate people who hate James seriously, but there are not so many. 2. It’s also a kind of people who have more to do with Jamie. Here are some people who don’t want to take the seat. First, many people may not be used to the performance of mousse’s court. I think this person is dirty and hypocritical It’s true that James doesn’t play so clean sometimes, but he is also similar to green Pachulia of warriors. Many people don’t like James to say that he hates him very much. Let’s talk about the second point. Why do we say it depends on his fans? To make a digression, I don’t think there’s any difference between fans of mousse and fans of fanquan. For example, before XZ cxk, why do many people hate them because of their crazy fans? If you say a little truth or bad, you can scold you. Can you have a good feeling for them? Can’t you feel sick?

The same is true for mousse. Most of the basketball players are boys. Some of them are straight men who lack good brains. They laugh at girls in the rice circle. NC is the same as RZ, but they don’t see that they are the same from another angle. I’ll give you a few examples. After the finals in 2016, James said he was good. His fans would say that James surpassed Jordan It’s history first, but it’s obvious that everyone agrees that Jordan is a God. You have to say that James is better than him, and don’t let anyone contradict you. Say a few words, the brave man played the Cavaliers in the black finals, defended James, cut the ball and hit him. The referee didn’t say it was a missed judgment. Then they started to attack and say that the brave man didn’t want to face, but the referee didn’t say it even if James was the first judge That’s not even. They’re selectively blind. They have to say that you bribe the referee to be unreasonable. There’s nothing to say. It’s totally unreasonable. Green kicks the egg warrior and his fans have been blacked out for several years. James kicks the egg. It’s not intentional. It’s on the public screen