Fourth round 104th pick of Miami Marlin 2020 draft

Vanderbilt University, a famous baseball school, has always been famous for producing excellent players. For example, Austin Martin, No. 5 draft champion in 2015, dansby Swanson, Cy Young’s strong vote David price, etc. are all from this famous school. And to have a place in the first round of Vanderbilt University is enough to show that Ed’s ability is actually very good. Before the draft, “Baseball America” rated it 71, and the official website of Major League ranked 59, which is enough to show that its draft market is about at the end of the second round or even one round.

However, ed didn’t hear his name announced until the fourth round of 104th. According to Ed’s scouting report, he is tall, with a 97 mile fireball that is very fast for the left pitcher and a first-class curve ball. Although the speed change ball is still under cultivation, the qualification of ED is very good only by looking at the arsenal. However, his unstable control of the ball made his market slightly decline. The number of guarantees in every nine innings of his college life was as high as 4.6, which means that on average, one batter should be sent to the base for free in every two innings. This is obviously the subject that ED needs to practice. But that’s what many big left handers look like when they’re young and they don’t have control of the ball, like the famous Randy Johnson, who’s the big league player? It’s also Mike minor, a freshman at Vanderbilt University. If we can grow to the level of last year’s mana, then the marlin who picked ed ed in the fourth round is definitely a steal.