Hot transfer materials business strategy brand

Brand is one of the important factors that can not be ignored in the development of an enterprise. Now the market is large, but the demand is also close to saturation. How to let customers know the products and names of manufacturers is a powerful competitive factor. How to cultivate the brand of heat transfer manufacturers, let customers remember the heat transfer manufacturers, trust manufacturers is a long way to go. Let me tell you how amik cultivates and maintains its brand.

  1. Honor of the company

In addition to testing our products, amik also sends them to a special testing agency for testing. On the basis of passing dozens of SGS tests every year, the company applied to Oeko-Tex in 2014, and passed the environmental protection certification of heat transfer printing materials and class a hot stamping products in 2015. Besides, there are many honors. Amik is our trademark and our concept.

  1. Actively participate in various activities

1) Exhibition activities

Amik has participated in international printing exhibition, sports Expo, shoes Expo, Haibo and other exhibitions. In the exhibition, it fully understands the industry trends, grasps the information of the same industry, and expands its brand awareness.