MLB draft conference: Orioles sign kostad

Although Heston costard is the most powerful left-wing player in the draft, it’s a bit surprising that the Arkansas outfielder was chosen at the top of the list. After all, he only ranked 10th in the rookie list. The Orioles didn’t choose the top pick – Austin Martin of Vanderbilt must have their own reasons, perhaps the degree of completion. Maybe it won’t be long before fans can see costard swing at the Orioles.

It was supposed to be a contest between Vanderbilt University outfielder Austin Martin and Texas worker and farmer’s left hander ASA RASI. It was unexpected and reasonable for Marlin to choose Meyer. Meyer’s slide ball was the best in the draft and his straight ball could reach 100 miles / hour. Some scouts say he may be a little shorter than the 1.83 in the data, but he is definitely capable of becoming the future Marlin starter.

Royal seems to favor college pitchers. Two years ago, in 2018, they won three college pitchers in the first round: Brady singer, Jackson coval and Daniel Lynch. This year, they won the first round of four Texas farmer’s ASAR RASI. Royal shouldn’t expect to be able to pick Lassi in the fourth place, but after getting the starters who have three kinds of weapon balls (speed ball, slider and variable speed ball) and can reach 97 miles at the fastest speed, Royal’s future rotation will be very interesting.