Texas security guard Justin Reid: fully recovered

Justin Reid has missed just one game in two NFL seasons, but he’s never really fully fit. In the rookie season, he played most of the game after a wrist injury. In the second year, he endured a tear in his shoulder and lips and played the whole season.

Reed underwent shoulder surgery at the end of the season. A few months later, Reid said he was finally back in shape. He was ready for his first truly complete off-season.

“It’s really good. I feel healthy for the first time,” Reid said. “I’m really excited that my body can reach the current state. In my rookie season I’ve been plagued by wrist injuries. Last year, I had another shoulder injury. I feel like it’s the healthiest time since before the original wrist operation. It’s very important to me. “

Despite being affected by injuries throughout his career, Reid did well. In two seasons, he made 166 tackles (three leading to loss of yards), 33 run stops, 15 broken passes, 5 steals, 3 snatches back the ball’s right, 2 strikes against the quarterback and 1 forced drop. He ranked 22nd and 11th in the two season scoring of professional football focus.