Pitcher group suppresses the opponent’s line player in all aspects 5-0 takes the Ranger lightly

The first live game of the 2020 season, a spring training match, will be played by Oakland sportsmen against Texas Rangers. Before that, the record of spring training for sportsmen was 12-7, and that of Rangers was 11-6. In this game, although the Rangers are basically sent to play the main line, the sportsmen are in better condition. With two high flying sacrifice hits and a two-point gun, the sportsman established a 4-point lead in the first half of the game, while the Rangers were not in a good line playing condition, and only one hit was made in the whole game. In the end, sportsman 5-0 won the 13th prize in spring training.

Shawn Murphy, the sportsman catcher, fired two shots and scored two hits in this game; Matteo ran back two scores in the first shot; Brazilian, the first pitcher, didn’t lose points in the three innings, and the sportsman pitcher array combined to suppress the Ranger’s line of play. The whole court only let the opponent hit one hit without losing points.

The first pitcher of the game, the sportsman sent Chris Baxter, 1-1 in spring training, 6.00 self blame score rate, 2 of the 3 games first, lost 4 points after 6.0 innings, only 2 times three strikes. The Rangers started with honatan Hernandez, 3.86 points in 1-0 spring training, 4 times on the court, 2 times first, and 10 strikes in 7 innings.