Orderly promotion of NHL playoff plan

On Thursday, local time, NHL set the start date of the third round, i.e. the training camp, on July 10. All 24 teams entering this year’s playoffs will participate.

Last month, the League announced four stages of the rematch, including the completed stage I (self isolation), the ongoing stage II (small-scale independent training), the stage III to be started on July 10 and the formal stage IV of the rematch. The design of the whole semi-final plan is gradual, and the League will continue to determine the schedule of the next stage according to the progress of the epidemic and other factors.

“The NHL players’ Union (nhlpa) and NHL announced today that the formal training camp (phase III) for 24 playoff teams will be opened on Friday, July 10. According to the previous replay agreement, medical and safety conditions should meet the corresponding requirements at that time. The length of the training camp and the date of the final round (phase IV) will be confirmed in the future. “