The 12th World Cup

From June 13, 1982 to July 11, 1982, the 12th World Cup was held in Spain, with 24 teams from five continents competing. In addition to the previous champion Argentina and host Spain, the remaining 22 teams participated. However, after 306 preliminaries from 102 teams, after 29 days of 52 fierce competition, Italy finally won the championship by beating West Germany 3-1 in the final. This world cup was the closest China team had to the world cup except for Korea and Japan. Participated in the Asian preliminary competition, only lost the qualification right in the final additional competition against New Zealand. This year, the world cup, ah, was the largest one in history at that time, because the previous World Cup was attended by 16 teams at most, so the specific competition situation is that the opening battle of this world cup was a cold one.

Argentina lost 0-1 to Belgium, Maradona was closely guarded by opponents, almost no chance in the group stage, during which Brazil, West Germany and Italy showed strong strength, entering the second stage of the group stage were former Soviet Union Belgium, Poland, West Germany, Spain, England and Brazil. Italy, Argentina, France, Northern Ireland, and Austria, among which Brazil, Italy and Argentina were divided into the death group. After a difficult competition, West Germany, France, Italy, and Poland advanced to the semi-finals of the last four. There was a competition, which was very classic. The match between France and West Germany killed the sky and darkness, and West Germany scored the first goal in the game 。