slam dunk contest

Let’s talk about the all star slam dunk contest that just ended, so this is a total tragedy, the United Center tragedy, Malone Gordon Jones. At the last moment, I played three rounds, the first round, the second round, a total of three rounds, so I got high scores. In the end, Jones won a narrow victory and won hundreds of first prize. This is not mainly focused on the level of the two players, who is higher and who is lower, or mainly concentrated in. Well, the judges, Wei, Ze and Pippen didn’t care about this issue, and they didn’t have to say much about it. They directed the blame on Jones. They sent a dispute to Jones and attributed the winning or losing to the judges’ judgment. So I personally think that two goals.

All of them are excellent. No matter where they are put in the past, it will be a shock to the whole world. In particular, when communication is made, as long as the weather is favorable, the people are in harmony, and under certain conditions, I believe there is no preparation at that time. Jones is obviously prepared for it. The rest, the mid-term rest time, he has been playing up, the deduction, that he has a lot of preparation, there is a lot of content to show is children’s communication participation, so much money should be deducted, there is no new content to show, so this game lost. Unexpectedly, it is reasonable. So, we have to say that Xingda Lu Gordon said that he would not participate in the slam dunk contest again. Of course, it is normal and dispirited that he does not take part in LETV. However, it is not easy to say whether he will come back later, but it is not general. Slam dunk contests are all for young people at the early stage of their career. Rookie contracts, famous names, and out of focus, they come to participate in the slam dunk competition when they have the most physical strength and energy. So you can see, these dunk kings are basically concentrated in the age group.

At this age, Longge will be less likely to take part in the slam dunk contest as soon as possible. For example, James will have to prepare to participate in the slam dunk contest. Some fans expect James to participate in the slam dunk contest. Let me tell you this is impossible unless ah. Go ahead, vote. All the fans’ expectations and petitions are sent to the soldiers. Then James can reluctantly see whether he will consider participating in the slam dunk contest. When the consumables were hot in 2013-14, James might also have fans. In the end, it didn’t come true to ask James to take part in the slam dunk contest. How can we make this slam dunk contest over? I hope the coming year will be more exciting. Next, we will talk about the all star game.