Lose in the present, win in the future

In dismay, he said that it is very important to have the strength to get the champion. The specialty is reflected in the fact that the number one scholar signed is mainly to cooperate with Russell and Lhasa to package and trade some high-quality assets. It can help the warriors to attack the championship, cooperate with curry and Thomson, ah, and green, and even sign the champion.

Director, Tan huajuan, plus, green to do some articles ah, er, this mainly depends on the team, how he understands it. I think how to understand is how much he expects the water flower brother curry Thomson, because the number one signature is very valuable and precious. If you lose the number one champion to publicize you. Play what you need, what is the record? At least the eastern championship or the Western championship, then a little higher is the championship, right? Well, when the Cavaliers signed this champion, I have lost the exchange of love, which is to see the technical combat effectiveness of love. Of course, now I am. In this way, ah, it also proves that it is right, has vision and foresight. This decision is correct. It is absolutely wise and powerful, and becomes stupid and has won the cup. Therefore, it is necessary to see how the warriors met. Does he think that. Thomson, coupled with some so-called technical combat ability to break out of the western region, because the new competition environment in the west is really too fierce. Then even if the Lakers do something about the clippers and the Clippers this year, make up for it next year, trade with Lu Wei, go and change a coach, ah, change, a barber, trade into micro, and this team.

Go, I think if you can make a difference in the west, even to the finals, there is no problem, then with the missile to missile now Hadden and weishao, now they are in their early 30s and still have a good fighting capacity, and they can play for a few years. So, can you rush out of these in the west to become nuggets and jazz. Old, I think it’s a young man, but I’m sorry to interrupt. Ah, it means that the main point of warriors is how to understand this issue. If there are no high-quality players or suitable players who can match curry Thomson and green if they can’t match. Then the No.1 signature will be left in your hand, and the number one winner will be on your hand. Then curry and Thomson may be a little pathetic