Reaching an agreement on an effective vaccine is the key to holding the Tokyo Olympic Games on schedule

Switzerland local time, the International Olympic Committee held a field meeting on May 27 to discuss the potential impact of the related pneumonia epidemic. The president of the International Olympic Committee Bach held a series of talks with the members of the International Olympic Committee of Pakistan B and discussed many issues related to the Tokyo Olympic Games.

International and Olympic Committee have organized three meetings. Bach addressed 100 IOC members of the switchboard and listened to the opinions of some members to discuss how to deal with pneumonia and epidemic situation. Bach hopes to listen to the ideas, opinions and experiences of members from different countries and regions.

Novel coronavirus treatment and vaccine were also announced in March 24th when the Tokyo Olympic Games were postponed to the summer of 2021. This is the first time that he has consulted International Olympic Committee members on matters related to the issue. Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo also called for the rapid development of new coronavirus treatment methods and the number of vaccines.

The Olympic Games will be held as scheduled next year. It is a top priority. Shinzo Abe said that the Olympic Games involve spectators and athletes from all over the world. The Japanese government hopes to hold the Olympic Games in a complete form. In an online meeting held on May 27, local time, many issues related to the Tokyo Olympic Games will be addressed. As the director of medicine and science of the International Olympic Committee, Richard bacht also expounded his views to the members of the International Olympic Committee. It is reported that the International Olympic Committee and Japan have basically the same idea. Effective vaccine is indeed the key to hold the Tokyo Olympic Games on schedule next year.

However, the International Olympic Committee will not give a positive response on whether an effective vaccine is a necessary condition for hosting the Olympic Games. As for the Tokyo Olympic Games, the idea of holding an empty nest is not very interesting within the International Olympic Committee.

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