Goalkeeper Schubert kicked off under the pressure of Harland

You can disinfect it first. In the 26th minute, he opened the right side of the forbidden area in the closet. He successfully snatched and shot seven meters in front of the door. Three minutes after he was out of Dorset, he got ahead of Brent’s heel and made the ball. Little Azar passed on the right side of harand’s money gap. Only nine meters left foot push far angle, more than one to zero to expand the advantage in the 45th minute, miner, goalkeeper Schubert under the pressure of Harland, not far, dahud cut the ball out, Brent straight into the right side of the restricted area, grero left foot push far angle 2-0 9 meters in front of the door.

Starting from the second half, three minutes later, Schalke dropped another goal, harand, the center line pass, Brandt left side transfer, small Azar right side of the restricted area edge low shot, into the lower left corner, more than three to zero, the 63rd minute to expand the results, harand, near the middle school, back to do Brant left-wing ball grelor.

Bared inside cut and Harland kick the wall with the left foot straight at the top of the arc of the Harland forbidden area. Segrero’s anti offside left foot scored 4-0 11 meters from the front of the door. In other games, Leipzig Red Bull drew 1-1 at home, Freiburg, bolsen tied the score, and there were still some.

Kaka was defeated 3-0 at Herta Augsburg in Berlin, 1-2 at home to Wolfsburg and Dusseldorf to draw 0-0 at padbourn.

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