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Armor, horses, and long knives, these three weapons you must have, according to Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan has you, right, Michael Jordan, without you, it’s better. If you don’t, you can’t say if you want to. James and Durant, er, these people, ah, they all want to go to their careers, this score, Wang, joke, now Owen is going to be a scoring king, right? Well, less haddenway, right? They all have scoring kings. Why? Because it’s attribute. OK, Michael Jordan.

You said that James got a score in his career, Wang. If she didn’t, she would fight for a scoring king. That’s enough. That means I can do it. Other players don’t need it. So many players are like this. Then you get more, it’s better. Why do you really want to score a king? I don’t have a trophy in Germany, right. The second point is to discuss whether the iPhone app is accidental or not. It doesn’t matter if it is accidental or not, because some netizens often discuss the problem of contingency. I say, ah, this problem, you have to look separately. It is really accidental for her, but it is because he has it. Contingency is precious. You say, MVP doesn’t have contingency

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