Hayward’s whole ball now

In the past two years, ah, 60 million and nearly 70 million have been paid for nothing, basically for nothing. No matter how good this year’s play is, it’s also a loss, right? Of course, we have to see how much the actual use value is. Er, I personally think my personal judgment, ah, the score is not enough, and the annual salary of 25 points longer than my study is so high. It’s also untimely. Well, go to watch it again. Another point is that we should pay attention to it. Our previous program also said that you can watch Hayward’s whole ball now. We haven’t watched all four games. We just watched a half court game of the ball. But if you can see that she still holds her now, you should attack.

The risk, the ability to impact the opponent is reduced, in other words, the ability to make fouls and kill also decreases. He does not have such good physical quality or physical ability. It itself is not such a player, and has caused huge injuries and injuries, affecting him, ah, the whole athletes. This kind of play or physical, quality, what is presented now is to reduce the pressure or direct damage to the opponent. If you don’t have the ability, at least you should give the opponent enough pressure in shooting, and then include like curry and Thomson. When you can achieve such a level of shooting percentage, if you can’t, you can’t get the absolute core position in the team. You can only assist Tatum or even assist one, and take Walker as the team’s third scoring point

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