Tang Shen needs the fire line to come back!

Now we don’t say who can say it’s the symbol of the team. The mascot doesn’t exist. So we all fight for each other to play the substitutes, dare to fight, and the main players are the same. Anyway, who can get hold of it? Sometimes they will follow Paul, er, this Sao Paulo, which is definitely not. Angry ah, such a team, playing in the middle of the season, I believe there will also be instructions for the team to carry out, Baise right, this team, there is no hope, so Paul left the thunder team, it is a matter of time, but you have to see, the thunder team is such a thunder team can also beat the warriors, will the warriors go to set up a stall. Convertible star Pavilion, right? Ah, pure heart, fans spend so much money, then, he wants to make money, ah, he can’t play the playoffs and popularity. He just came down from the finals, right? He changed the new popularity of the new stadium. Right, ticket sales are so good, there are so many big guys willing to spend money, ah, the playoffs can’t play.

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I can’t say that, but you can see that the warriors, ah, show that, without Durant, Thomson will rely on curry alone. In fact, it’s very difficult for him to rely on curry alone after having green. As we said before, Thompson is for green, for Thomson, for green, especially for Curie. Chen Suying is a great player. If these two players can run out, they will play, er, this back and forth, cover and run, er, they can’t understand their opponents. This kind of tactical cooperation is playing hide and seek. We think it’s playing hide and seek all the time