the Jazz team does not have this attraction

What about Conley? Today, his performance was extremely poor. I just looked at it. 15 kinds of easy or 16 middle 1. Er, this is not normal. But you can’t expect him to be a super top scorer. He is not like this. Players, if I remember correctly, the highest score of Conley’s whole career seems to be only 40 points. You can imagine how much hope such a player can have for its offensive output. He is not such a team, or is the Jazz team based on the essence of doing well in defense, in the case of simple attack. All of us have made some contributions to the team. Ah, Mitchell has the ability to make explosive output. However, it is not normal. Therefore, a team needs two All-Star levels and two superstars, and they can play well. But the Jazz team does not have this attraction to attract super brands, so. Do some practical, operation of this team, ah, it can be said that it is the civilian team among the strong teams among the super teams, right? Er, it is also the Western verification of these three teams, the Laker clippers XX ah, the powerful touchstone to verify these three teams, the Spurs is to let you have a try.

Can you play the playoffs for me? The Jazz team is for you to try whether you can play in the finals. So, ah, according to my personal understanding, the Spurs and the Jazz are the top eight teams in the west, but there are no too many accidents. Other teams should be rotten and should be rotten. No, it’s rotten. Xiang has to work hard to get into the top eight in the West. Eight ah, this wish needs to be very hard, because with the Spurs and jazz, the Spurs can only barely get into the top eight in the West. The Spurs can barely make it into the top eight in the west, and the top four in the West. Keep working hard. You can imagine how bad the competition is in the western environment

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