Quembo is the next Laker target!

Anyway, the number 15 quota has been used up. The Rockets, again, look at the Rockets now, it seems that they have been fully groomed. There are so many teams for the No.15 players. Basically, there is no big work to start the new season. Well, what is worth talking about? Let’s take a look at this operation. Dizzy, it’s a little interesting, it’s a bit of a story. Why do you say that? Get ready for the big three, get ready for James Anthony Davis, and be a kunbur big three. We’re talking about bucks, bucks, letters and bundles. As for us and friends, ah, this clause comes down, ah, the operation of the Laker team is OK. Ah, first you kidnap your master, then you kidnap your younger martial brother. Finally, your younger martial sister will have a holiday and come back. There is no reason for failure. Er, the whole event felt to this environment that it was to recruit, motherland, bind, some fans analyzed it like this, some fans imagined a bold idea, a bold idea, well, it was too difficult to realize.

I personally think, let’s not do more daydreaming, or think about how to play in the new season. Er, let’s talk about the Bucks now. If we talk about the distribution of letters, er, I think it means that everyone knows next year. In the East, the final is the 76ers. Yes, the muscle men of the Bucks retired to the team and there were some fans who thought the bucks. I looked down and I observed that the Bucks would be the eastern champion next year, because according to this year’s Eastern Conference. And a certain team is also more optimistic about the results of the bombardment, ah, then, the team of seven or six people is a loser. We are driving a few meters less. Butler, the absolute core of the team, thinks that. The overall quality, quality, and narrowness of the 76ers team. In fact, I think it’s ridiculous to have such wrong judgment of fans. Ah, you really can’t understand the Bucks team and the 76ers team. It’s two kinds of teams. The 76ers play star basketball.

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