Leonard are mainly from the Laker fans

Let’s talk about the clippers and the large number of them. Well, let’s talk about it. The bad comments on Leonard are mainly from the Laker fans, James fans, which is a huge one. Traditional style, the black League is a group, ah, now the Laker James fans have become the second group. Ah, well, the public opinion has a great influence, that is, there are so many fans of malenad. If you go to the clippers, you can stay behind and be cute, maybe. Go on, er, this influence may be a little smaller. After going to the clipper, especially with Paul George, so many secret operations, ah, so many unknown and hidden events have emerged, but we have to see them.

I, personally, think, ah, there are some reports that the clippers were still with the thunder team before, Mon, ready to send out Paul George Renard, Paul georgieu and Westbrook. Take a look at some draft rights of a certain company. It may be even seven elective credits. Then when the Raptors and Leonard are in a certain pair of partners, I feel that, no matter who this is, the credibility is extremely low. Why say that, if the party does not admit it, if. Anyway, under the circumstances, this thing is a rumor. It’s a rumor. You can’t prove it

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