Celtic sick!

Now, let’s talk about the Celtic team. Let’s relax. Let’s not be too nervous. Don’t be too nervous. I’m going to be a show. I’m going to do it. I’ll just say whatever we say in the group. We should talk to our friends about how to talk about us and Celtic team. Now, I’ll summarize myself and summarize with my friends that it’s up to me to take the blame. You can’t blame yourself. Looking at the Celtic team for so many years, after the development and sale of Rondo, the team began to put on bad reconstruction and take the draft right, right? Of course, the election felt that it was a change, not coming. When I had some of these people, I fully and fully believed that one thing to be sure of was the Celtic team.

In other words, Owen is to weaken, in fact, only to weaken the Cavaliers. Thomas Jr. led the Celtics to create the Eastern Conference finals. Although he lost to the technical team, you can see the potential of these young players in this team. Or, the pot players showed a kind of indomitable spirit of struggle, level, how many? Not much, but it was really a 120 point effort, ah, with Owen in accepting South Korea, good-bye, and Jerome Brown at the beginning to see the club is still good, right. Forward, pace, too slow. In the past seven years, the starting point is very high, the stamina is weak, including, now playing animals is the same, the GPA is very high, the stamina is weak, right, you can’t imagine, Celtic team such a team composed of three giants, if there was no Hayward injury, Celtic team had already run. Already, won the eastern championship, has won the championship, can, so imagine, can also think, bold assumption, but Celtic team in recent years, ah, go from bad to worse, investigate the reason, investigate the root, ah.

For one thing, Hayward, a serious injury caused the team to lose

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