Durant will join New York

In the warriors, because there are too many problems to consider, Thomson must be the top salary, plus, curry and his contract will stay. Green also wants to build a Dalang and so on, Livingston and other players. Durant will join New York or join the New York Knicks if he leaves the warriors. Basketball team, he can only get a four-year contract, this four-year contract, the actual utilization rate is only three years, or two-and-a-half years, because the contract needs to be used for a whole year of healing, I don’t believe, ah, these NBA teams dare to spend such a big bet to bet on drugs. A broken Achilles tendon, players, nets, teachers signed Durant, if not, the nets will lose four to five years of time, time is down, now New York, the Knicks have retreated, the nets I believe in Durant’s problem. As like as two peas, we should say that there should be a definite assessment. Finally, we say that Durant will not be in great disorder under heaven. But you will spend about 40000000, and you will be able to kiss a wounded number.

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