Hofford is bold!

Let’s talk about the scandal between the rockets and the Celtics. Ah, in the last issue of the program, we will answer some netizens’ questions in this program. Now, we’ve got, we’ve got to jump out of the contract and intend to sign a four-year, 100 million contract. In other words, a year is 25 million. Now hofford’s contract should be more than 3000 in the 19-20 season. In case of a little bit of it, that is to say, he. P5 million think you can make 100 million yuan in the next four years? Well, I think ah, yes, there is no problem. Whoever signs is in bad luck. Who doesn’t want to win? I always think that hofford will jump out.

After all, the 33 year old, 30-year-old and 14-year-old veteran can still play for several years, but not for a few years. Compared with, his contract is the most embarrassing. We say that what kind of contract is the most embarrassing one now. One, for the five main players, each with a total of 20 million yuan. This contract is a relatively normal contract. Five players start first. If the team can play 72 games and 75 games a year, it will be given. I think it’s the same for a contract of 10 million yuan, which means that the contract of 1.25 people is more than the integer of one person’s contract

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