Pelican remarried!

Well, I think so. If you want to hold a salary cap, Anthony Davis will give up. Whether it’s July 6 or July 30, it’s OK to sign a contract in October. Now, the official announcement and oral agreement are also good. It’s just Anthony Davies’s contract. It’s written in words. Now, with a big framework and everyone’s approval, Anthony Davis wants to give up the $4 million just to introduce the third giant.

Promotion in this environment, the three giants have to get the top salary, so they have no space for other players to move in, right? You have to make up for the talent of the fourth player, the fourth player. Middle class, ah, should have strength, and sign some contracts. This contract, then the three and five million dollars of these super value contracts, can compare to be able to build this champion completely and firmly. So, I have, friends, don’t care, ah, these rumors now. It’s totally unnecessary. Ah, you have to believe us, the NBA cobbler. We always think that the three giants of the Lakers are imperative. All the small sacrifices, 3 million and 4 million dollars, everywhere, earn, gain, there is no need to lose the championship, then you lose the significance of coming to the Lakers. Give up the small self and complete the big one

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