Magic dragon!

Now there are some hot topics on the Internet, ah, about the characteristics of the Raptors team, so now play three so far. In the case of leading, there is a great probability that we will meet this year’s championship. Now many netizens have started to discuss this in advance. The film and television, um, yes, er, say that the Raptors are very similar to the so and so team, the team, the team. Ah, there are many kinds of views. They are very much like Michael Jordan, including the commentary of a famous brand. You say, ah, Jordan is the reappearance of Jordan. Jordan, er, some netizens say that it is.

I’m very grateful to these netizens for their questions, ah, your questions are your trust in us, right? Otherwise, you won’t ask me, right? Thank you very much, trust. This is to say it with people’s heart. It’s because we’ve been coming to us all the way, and we’ve been running programs for more than a year, right? It’s obvious to all that our ability, our ability to predict and predict is obvious to all. Ah, for some fake fans, ah, brain powder, you think it’s not black, right? Er, always. In the case of the inside, well, as far as we say, you say that you contradict with us. This kind of cognition of basketball has no solution, right? What we are talking about is the objective fact, the objective law of the development of things. If you have always interpreted the situation of NBA with subjective color. Well, if you are B, you have to take a detour; if you are a B, you have to run into a wall everywhere. Listen to us more. The program changes your basketball. Your cognition makes your shooting rate rise to a new height. Ah, you can have doubts about us. No problem

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